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Ohhhhhh Savvyprchick


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Though hard to keep up with your mama, the poet

This elf has a devious streak, better know it!

Your Santa has shopping to do before long

But wants to send presents he knows aren't wrong


A squeaker? A squalker? A honker? Or all?

A hard rubber Kong or a soft tennis ball?

A giggly or stuffy, a frisbee or gruntie?

A long fuzzy snake or a loud screaming monkey?


What treats make your tummy feel yummy all day?

Are they chicken, or liver, or salmon fillet?

Burpdog? or Shelby's? or BooMoo&Doo?

Simply Treats, milk bone or mom's Jimmy Choo?


Royal blue, purple or lavender too

Orange or lime green or yellow for you?

So many colors, so tell me what hue

Makes the girls at the dog park go ROO ROO ROO-ROO!


A bling boy? A bonnet boy? Could either be you?

Or are you more manly - a collar will do?

What kind of gift makes you bark with delight?

(But won't make mom gag cause you're farting all night?)


Now, tell us what mommy would like most of all?

Some candles, or music or books or a shawl?

Dark chocolate? Hot cocoa? A stick for her lips?

Or maybe some Brie for her upcoming chips? :lol


This elf is so quickly running out ideas

for greyhound-ey rhyming 'bout holiday cheers

So spill, my dear Chase, and tell us the scoop

So Santa won't leave you a stocking full of poop2.gif




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Guest savvyprchick

Chase here... my mommy said she's waaay too tired to rhyme well, but she'll answer your questions.


I like all toys that make noise, but ones that giggle and grunt are my absolute favorite... though I've never had a screaming monkey, but I'm sure I'd like that too.


I'm not too much on Kongs or anything hard and tennis balls only last the better of 3 minutes with my stoooopid sister around.


I like all yummies and have never experienced any treats that weren't from the store or were marshmellows (mmm.. I go :offwall for those!) I'm a good boy and have only ever shredded the occasional paper left around twice in the year and a half I've been here. My sister does enough destroying for the both of us!


Blue tends to be my color but I would look good in green too and my mommy is thinking of changing me to that color (all manly hues of blue and green are cool with me)... for reasons that will be stated below ;) I do have a wish list at 2hounds if you'd like to see what type of collars I like. The purple/red ones are for my sister :)


I'm not really a bling or bonnet boy... but I am going to start being a pet therapy dog in a hospital in the next few weeks and we have to wear a handkerchief to designate our pet therapy status... so holiday collars and handkerchiefs would be great too!


My mommy would like most anything. She loves any type of chocolate, but generally doesn't like anything with nuts in it. She likes candles (natural scents and baking scents). And as for the brie.... well, my mommy and her DBF are going to chip in the spring and get a Great Pyrenees puppy (they haven't announced it yet) and he'll probably have the blue color collars so that's why my mom is thinking of switching me to a green color ;)


Pretty much, I'm a very happy-go-lucky boy that would be extremely happy with whatever Santa brought me. Thank you very much Santa and Merry Christmas to roooooo!



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