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Guest tiffyks

his crystal ball is a little dusty, so somethings are hard to watch...


Do your pups like toys...





or none....


What is your pups favorite color...


Please measure the circumfrence of the your pups right front knee...

What is the length of their leg from elbow to knee...

What is the size of the ankle....

Pierced ears...yes or no...

How big are the pupils...



Does your pup have any special needs or maybe wants...


How about Mom or Dad...Do you have any special desires...hobbies...intrests...just tell us a little about you...We must know more...


Can you post a picture of your pup and you together...


So give us your Christmas list and don't be shy.

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Deer SS,


I is bery sorry dat yur cristal ball isnt workin. I thot I wud ax you fer one, but my mom seys dat I cudn't play wid it in da sofa room and dat is my faborite play spot, so....


I be bery, bery careful wid my toys. I don'ts like to chew dem, but I doos likes to make dem make noises. I has neber eben seen a screemin monky, but I heers that oder hounds likes dem. I think toys shud hab fur. After all, how miny naked squirls hab you seen?


I am bery hansum. My momma seys so. I look good in lots of colors since I am a lite brindle with a wite face. Sumthin a bit funky wud be nice. Iffens you tink I wud look good in it, I would. I look good in eberyting! My momma seys so.


Oooh, you axs for sum tiklish measuraments! Anyhoo, I must be made rong cuz I can'ts find my front knee. Look to me like I habs an elbow (8") and a rist (6"). Da longishness tween dem is 8". Meybe I shud be axing fer front knees fer Christmas -- or just a mommy smart enuf to find em!


I is too much of a silly boy fer pierced earwings. I wud be swinging em and prancin and I wud get a name fer myself dat mite be hard to lib with. But, I does look good in eberyting. Yep, my momma seys so.


I's only gots one pupils. Sheez a Habaneze dog and she's none too smart. Course she dus hab a crush on me and seeing my glory duz seem to strike her dumb.


As fer wishes, somethin lite to keep off da rain wud be cool. Howeber, I knows dat Santa is a gif chooser extrodinare and I wud prefur fer Santa to be creeatib.


My momma duz this weerd thing wid 2 sticks and sumthin called "yarn". I don't likes it cus I don't get petted much when she's yarnin.


My daddy wides a moto-cycle. I don't likes dat cus I don't get to wide wid him.


Eberythin else my momma and daddy do is centurred around me. I likes dat bery much. We goes walkin and runnin and trabelling in da car a lot.


Win my daddy gets home, I will gets him to post a pictur or two. He be much smarter on the puter dan Mommy.


Thank yous bery much SS and EE. You both be extra nice to ax such gud queshtions. I hopes your cristal ball gets cleared up sos you can see whut a good boy I is bein.



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Finally, here are some photos of us!



Here is Duncan playing with his favorite toy.



And, this is Duncan and Kirk at lure coursing. No, he doesn't lure course -- he's a pretender.



Here's Duncan and me.


As you can see, he really is a pretty boy and super sweet, too. Ummm, his left side really does look just as nice as his right!


Thank you SS and EE for making me learn how to post photos. That alone is a great present!!!!!

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