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Oh Doofbert!


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Good Day to you Jayne

I need to obtain

Some info for someone conniving

On Tania the grey

Who lives in PA

So packages can be arriving!!



In Poconos, Tania the grey

Can often cause quite a melee

She's barely turned one

And has lots of fun

Sometimes to her parents' dismay!!




Her Secret Santa wants to know

What he should bring a 'dog-on-the-go'

Just what is in her doggie dreams?

Some stuffies? Or a monkey who screams?

And just what ARE her favorite treats?

Does she need booties for her feets?

What kind of bling to bring this grey?

These questions please answer without delay!!


And what about for mom & dad?

What things would really make them glad?


But homework now you need to start...

On Tania - measure EVERY part!

From nose to tail, around the chest,

How big's her neck, what color is best?


And when you've finished, don't dismay -

Kick back & have some Chardonnay!!!





Thanks from your personal evil elf... I need the standard measurements for Tania and other clues about what KINDS of toys she likes best, favorite treat flavors (all?) or consistencies (all?); does she (or you) have a favorite color for jammies/coats??




{PS!!! Tania... your own very special Secret Santa wants to know (and I quote!):

"what herb willy wants dat herb ma won't git herb"!!! So PM me back so your momma won't see this, OK???}



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Jeannine with Merlin, the crazed tabby cat and his sister, Jasmine, the brat-cat

With GTsiggieFromJenn.jpgAngel Cody(Roving Gemini), and Weenie the tortie waiting at the Bridge

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Guest DoofBert

Deer evil elf ozgirl.....


I am sorree, I wazn't able to get to the 'puter...been buzy with brudder Tavis. I ran him silly, so the big lug is taking a nap now.


Wow.. iffen I could have anyfing in the werld...that's a tuff question.. You see we'ze got it purty good here.... Seriossli, screeming monkee not a good idea.. cuz Bert will kill it 2 sekonds flat. I've seen him due it... it's not purty! We like toyz that make me think....like egg babies, kong toyz and all that stuff.


One of my favorite things to do is use my paw to hit the 'That was Easy Button'...I get a treat every time I do it. So maybe therre are other games like that? Where I push something and it makes noise? That would be fun cause then I do this for the peoples who visit.


I likes my treats .. Tavis turned me on to chicken jerky... wonder if they of other flavors? It's yummy stuff.


I likes bling, too. Tessa is the Diva hound of the Pokeynose and she has taught me that Black Pack Girls have an image to live to live up to... we must alwayz look our best in publics. You know, theese bootie things might make good chew toys... so I don't think I'll need those.


Favorites colors...since I am a beautiful black hound, any color looks wonderful on me. However, Daddieman doesn't like neon yellow, lime green or orange. Hot pink is ok. He sez I look best in purples, lilacs, teals, and reds.\


Daddieman is muts... I mean he luvs to eat nuts. He loves to cook, too. Maybe we could teach him to cook dog treats? Momma likes to sew and do crafts. Daddie makes things out of wood.


Momma will get out the measuring thingy and give the stats later this morning. She needs to have daddieman helo cause I'll wiggle and squirm....and then the numbers will get all screwed up!

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Guest DoofBert

Deer Miss Ozgirl,


Pls tell my secret santa that I was very very good when Momma used the measuring thingy....


length of my snout is 6 inches

length of my tail is 21 inches

top of my head to start of my tail is 35 inches

my chest is 24 1/2 inches (should I be thinking about a boob job?)

length from spine to floor at front leg 29 inches

lrngth from tip of front toe to ankle bone 6.5 inches

around my foot 5 inches


front chest (between front legs) 5 3/4 inches



behind my ears 12.5 inches

at base of my neck....14 3/4 inches



That's all for now




Edited by DoofBert
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