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Matching Done At 4:40ish Pm Est Today


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Everybody that entered before 4:40 EST has been matched. Please check and update your packages.



I will do ONE more round of matching if people are still signing up. But that last round will be closer to the deadline we announced.


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Whoops - I have been so busy I almost forgot about signing up for Secret Santa. Can I still jump in??


I have Rory and Bailey. Any way to keep with in US or Canada since shipping will be tight at this point?


Can I sign up my Foster Ernie?

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The rules still apply - there will be ONE more round of matching to be done.

But you need at least 50 posts to be able to sign up. Remember posts in the OT forum do not count toward post counts, so get to posting in the other forums so you can enter.

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Guest greymomx2
For us newbies, could someone explain the process. Thanks


Quick, you need to post about 23 more posts in any of the forums other than "off topic" in order to be included in the Secret Santa 2007. They can just be replies to other people's posts, or a post like "ooh, he's beautiful! (meant with all sincerity, of course :D), etc. Once you hit 50 posts, if Trudy is still accepting new matches, you can enter. So get posting!


I'm at work but I can write more tonight about how it works. :)


Can I still sign up? I just got back on the boards after a long absence!!


p.s. - I have an only grey - Charlie :)


You too - get your postings to at least 50! Welcome back! :):wave

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