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Emt Gel

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Guest Hollys2hounds

You can go to EMTGEL.com and look for a retailer. (I checked for you there are many many retailers in Ohio). You can also "google" it, and buy it online. ( I have paid from $8.50-$12.99 for same size tube-- 1 oz. ) :dunno


EMT Gel by Trophy Animal Health Care is a topical wound care ointment or spray for large and small animals.

I love it! My Lexy gets scrapes and cuts all the time, and it helps heal the wound, keep it clean, and keep it from drying out too much and cracking.


First I clean the wound well with water or saline, and then apply the EMT gel. (I have never tried the spray).

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Guest TriciasZoo
Tractor Supply or the GEM (Greyhounds of Eastern Michigan) store

Yep, GEM is great because money also goes to the hounds. After reading posts yesterday I realized I needed to order a pet first aid kit, and added some EMT gel. :) THANKS GEM!!!! It made me feel good that I will be more prepared for my hounds and I'm helping other hounds too!

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