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Calling Gryhndends!

Guest GiJenn51

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Is there is a specific treat Fran can have? Does she have a favorite stuffy? What color does she look good in? What do her humans like?


Uh oh! We are being double teamed! That is especially evil!


Most of the answers are here. and to elaborate more?


Treats: Of course, she loves cheese, yogurt and pumpkin... never has enough of those yummies.


As for stuffies- She loves noise. Anything that makes noise. The thing that is great about the fire hydrant is that she can't break the squeaker, so it continues to make noise. Floppy stuffies are good too, she loves a good kill, especially when she can whack a human or Vicky while she is at it.


Being black, Fran looks good in just about any color. We are trying to stay away from blue, but otherwise, the rainbow is your limit.

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