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Greytdog00, Santa Needs Help!

Guest Lori

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Greytdog00, Santa NEEDS to know more about Kodi and Spike. What are their favorite things? Do they like toys or balls or fancy dress up clothes? Does Kodi like green bandanas to highlight those beautiful eyes? Does Spike like leather jackets with studs to match his tough alter ego? Santa needs to know!


Also, Santa needs clear photos of Kodi and Spike. Your favorites. Or if you have a photo of all the dogs in your home, that would be good, too.


Thank you for all the info!!

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Guest Greytdog00

Kodi and Spike are getting excited for Secret Santa!


Kodi is a BIG red female lab. She will be 14 this Jan. She's slowing down now but she still likes to play with toys. She doesn't chase balls anymore.


Spike is the peepeehead of the Gang. He too is a big boy, all 22 lbs of him. Spikey is more like a small whippet than an IG. He LOVES toys that squeak!!!! His bestest freind in the whole world is our 96lb grey, Shimmie.


Neither of them are allowed greenies or rawhides. They both loves treats of all kinds.


I have to get the pictures off the other computer so I can post them. I promise they will be coming soon.


Edited cuz everything I said was double.....

Edited by Greytdog00
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Guest psholer



Santa wants you to know that your parcel has been dispatched from a far away place and should be with you within the next couple of weeks!


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