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Secret Stanta Questions


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Just a couple of quick questions...


1. When do folks normally ship packages? I know the deadlines. I just wanted to know how early people begin to ship out their gifts.


2. Do you "reveal" yourself by including a card in the package?


Any other newbies have questions they want to ask?

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Guest tiffyks

There are several different ways...you can send a gift and keep the secret until just before Christmas and then send a nice little card with the reveal on it.

I know I like to get the reveal info in the package so that I can make contact and give thanks and let them know it was recieved. I have had to wait until the end, before I could find out who my packages were from.


I will be shipping mine close to Thanksgiving...that way if the receipent wants to wait then they can really be tormented...


You can do most anything that is comfortable for you and will make it fun on the other end....


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Guest junefour

This is my first secret santa but I learned during secret bunny to label the box if it was safe for the pup to open the gift alone or with assistance. I didn't label our box so the recipient didn't know it is was pup safe or not. Mine wasn't so luckily she knew to ask.


I will ship mine out around Thanksgiving.



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Guest greytmonty

AND include your real name, first and last, address, and GT name. Some folks like to send a thank you note and some like to post or PM a thank you. It is always nice to know a gift arrived.

We included a picture of Monty in our gifts for SS and Secret Bunny.

We also labeled if treats were included so the owner could ration them out!


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Guest greyhound_bug

I LOVE Christmas and shopping for other people so I usually get my packages shipped early. I can't remember but I think my Secret Santa's last year had their gifts early December.

As for when to reveal yourself, I always put a Christmas card in the package and put my name, my hound's name (who's their SS) and my screen name in it.

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Since I'm not doing SS this year, I can reveal my methods!! I try to send post cards from Santa from ALL over the place! (Either from travelling or enlisting lots of elves!!) It's great to confuse your SS-ee!! Then I reveal in the main box ('cause there are usually also some pre-presents...)


But you can do whatever you like - as long as you DO reveal with the main gift...

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Don't forget, if you are shipping across the US/Canadian border, they need a name for the customs sticker. They won't mail without.

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Guest VaGreymom

I always had so much fun with Secret Santa.


I would send little notes to my SS from all of the world. I would give to friends that were traveling and ask them to mail it or send it to friends that live there and ask them to mail it. Keeps them guessing who their SS is at first.

I would send multiple gifts, one box would be mailed from say my moms house in Tennessee, still keeps them guessing. I really get into it. I will decorate the box I ship in, with Running greyhounds, so they know when they see the box who it is from.


If you are shipping in the US, you are safe to mail by the first week in December. If you are sending UPS, FED Ex it can be shipped even later.


In my last package I would reveal myself with a card giving them my name as well as my Grey Talk name.


Have fun with it, it can be a blast.





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