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Tell Us About Your Pet(s) And Yourself

Guest psholer

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Guest psholer

Hello Eveyone


We had a thread like this last year and it was great.

I will start……




Finnigan is 6 years old and extra large weighting 80 lbs, he likes most treats and loves stuffies, but is able to destroy most in under 5 minutes. He is not keen on wearing anything or having his picture taken but will put up with it because he loves me.




Fiona is 4 years old and is petite, size small, 55 lbs, she loves any kind of treat and loves stuffies as well. Fiona is a girly girl, and likes nothing more than dressing up and posing for the camera with her beautiful smile.



Finnigan and I at GIG this past year.




My interests are movies, scrap booking, reading, shopping, and travelling to greyhound events with the “kids”. My favourite beverage is Diet Dr Pepper (I am in the minority in that I can’t stand coffee and rarely drink hot beverages), and my preferred sweet is anything milk chocolate.


That is all I can think of right now……..


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Guest moremoney

Ooops, I didn't realize my sister was logged in. I'll log out and then log back in as retiredracers

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I'm gonna try this again...


OK, I'll go next...


I signed up 2 of my greys for Secret Santa.


Kulee is a red fawn girlie who will be 7 in November. She is calm and laid back but can also get quite playful. She is extremely lazy and loves to snuggle under the covers. She will play with stuffies but only when she is in the mood to. Kulee is the perfect meet and greet dog because she loves everyone, will take attention for hours and nothing fazes her. Kulee looks greyt in yellow, orange and brighter greens.


Here are a few pics of her:


Here she is being "bashful" :lol







And then there's Elphie. What can I say about her? A LOT! Elphie is an 18 month old, blue brindle girl. She stands about 31 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs about 70 pounds. She is our "little" Amazon princess! She is very playful and loves all kinds of stuffed toys. She will only destroy rope toys (loves to chew them) and is very gentle with her stuffies. Elphie's signature color is PINK!


Here are some pics of her:







Elphie, Kulee, Amanda, Harmony, Alex (hound mix), Phantom, Norbet, Willis (dsh), Autumn (Siamese) & Max (OSH) & mama rat, LaLa & baby Poppy! My bridge kids: Crooke & Mouse (always in my heart), Flake, Buzz, Snake, Prince (GSD), Justin & Gentry (Siamese), Belle (Aussie/Dalmatian mix), Rupert (amstaff) and Fred, Sirius, Severus, Albus, George, Hagrid, Hermione, Minerva, Marilyn, Wren, Molly, Luna, Tonks, Fleur, Ginny, Neville, Bill, Percy, Rose & Charlie (rats)

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We're signed-up for Secret Santa too...


Celeste (ICU Celeste) is a 4.5 y/o dark brindle girl. She weighs approximately 60 lbs. Due to a neck injury, Celeste no longer wears martingale collars. However, she still likes to dress up in colorful tag collars. Celeste loves all kinds of treats (Greenies, bully sticks, pigs ears, cookies, etc.). She likes stuffies too, but mostly plays with them in an effort to lure her "sister" Darcy away from something.





Darcy (D's Zipperfoot) is a 6.5 y/o black girl. She also weighs approximately 60 lbs. Darcy wears martingale collars - just about anything looks pretty on a black grey. Darcy LOVES stuffies above anything else. Unfortunately, she also has a tendancy to destroy them quickly.




As for me... well, I really don't need anything. I don't have many interest beyond animals. My free time is spent riding my 10 y/o Paint mare, Gracie. DH and I have 1 horse, 2 greys and 3 cats.

Edited by winnie

Laura with Celeste (ICU Celeste) and Galgos Beatrix and Encarna
The Horse - Gracie (MD Grace E)
Bridge Angels Faye Oops (Santa Fe Oops), Bonny (
Bonny Drive), Darcy (D's Zipperfoot)



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Guest Brandy_b

Ok this is a good idea :)


Caliloka is my little princess. She is an awesome roo'er, loves treats, and huge stuffies. All colors look great on her ;) She is a huge diva and loves to be cuddled and fussed over. She hogs all the attention form anyone else. And in a large group she is usually the instagator :P Here are some of my fav pics :)












Our family :)



<3 Brandy & Caliloka

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Avery is 3 1/2 years old. He came to me just before his third birthday. (Crazy side note: Avery was born six days after my bridge boy left me for the bridge. The exact same day that some compassionate GTer said that her bridge angel would tell my bridge boy to send me a perfect match. While I don't buy into all that superstitious mystic stuff, Avery is my perfect match. Even my adoption group knew he was meant to be mine the moment he retired. It "only" took me about three years to truly be ready to adopt again... just long enough for my boy to race and retire.) He is a lover and kisses anybody who will hold still long enough for him to get there - now if only the cats would learn to snuggle him. He enjoys a good adventure, especially if it involves going to the mountain. Avery loves to steal things but hasn't yet figured out what to do with things that are his. He totally ignores his stuffies but the cat's mice are nabbed and chewed to bits in a matter of moments. He is happy as an only dog - all other dogs are considered enemies until after they have been properly met and sniffed. Blue is his signature color, but he looks great in earth tones too. He also has his very own myspace (avery04), but you have to be a friend to view it because I'm crazy about internet privacy (GTers, I'd let him be your friend if you request). Was that enough random babbling? I could talk about my boy all day long. ;)


My thief in action:



A mountain adventure:



Looking coy:



Proving he knows what stuffies are for, but note that he stole this stuffy from petco:



Sabine is my heart. She is the gorgeous siamese in my siggy. I adopted her while living on the Navajo reservation. She was an under the trailer resident, all of her siblings were casualties of coyotes and interstate traffic, and so her nearest neighbor agreed to give her to me. Now she is a strictly indoor kitty and rules my household with an iron paw. Other than her nasty habit of eating fabric she is absolutely perfect.


Griffin, the most beautiful bundle of black fuzz in my siggy, is an attention hog. He joined our family shortly after Sabine. It was nearly halloween, and black cats in pet stores around halloween is not a good idea in our community. So I gladly rescued him. He was the born a barn cat but easily adapted to life as a strictly indoor boy.


The only other member of our house is me. I'm the crazy lady who lives alone with only pets to love - every neighborhood has one, I'm just doing my duty to keep up.

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Hobbes is a 8 year old brindle boy weighing in at 77 lbs. I adopted him in July so he is quite new to my family. He is a shy and nervous boy, not a spook . It takes him a while to warm up to new people and situations, but once comfy he is a goof. His favorite activities include sleeping, eating greenies/ bullysticks, roaching for a good belly rub and car rides. He looks best in rich colors like blues and reds. Stuffies arn't high on his priority list yet but he is slowly coming around.












Hobbes-Ricard Hatch09/23/99-12/21/09 Always loved, never forgotten. Wally TNJ Boy Howdy, GLS Genuinerisk Corinna

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I signed up 2 of our dogs..



Our one, and only greyhound. She is 6 yrs old, a red/fawn. pretty much her personality is a like a snobbish cat. She likes to lay around, eat, be told how pretty she is, and not spend too much energy on playing. Lets not forget you had better be ready to dish out the loves when she wants them, but dont be shocked to get the cold shoulder when she has "better" things todo.



Our lil mini doxie. she will be 2 yrs old in feb. She is my lil baby girl. A black and tan dapple, looooves to play, looooves to pick on her big sister Betsy, and looooooves to "gaurd" me from daddy. Myself, and my Ds are her ppl. she looooooves to steal the unwanted, unloved stuffies betsy doesnt have time for. loooooooves to eat, and loooooves to pick on "her" momma cat who loves to ignore her the best she can. My lil bundle of energy.



I didnt sign the other two pets up, but i'll tell a lil about them, as they r such big parts of our family...


Shelby our chow-mix is our outside gaurd dog. She loooves my son, and has more then once did her fair share of protecting him, and our home from the nutters. I'd love to have her as an indoor dog, but she loves it so much outside she'll go nutters herself being couped up inside...


Socks, our momma cat, is also out outside/barn kitty. She showed up one day, and adopted us as her ppl, and we've loved her up ever since. she had a litter of 6 kittens this past spring (bad momma cat was having "parties" in the barn). She gaurds us from the cows...lol who get out of their fields.

The Fruitloop crew: Piper, Bloomer, Sirius Black the kitty cat, Goober, .....Insane human crew: Nikki, Chuckles, Jakob (ds), Naomi baby girl........... and Our Angel babies,, Betsy (Betsy Kiss), Momma Cat, Blue Fish, and Georgie the g-pig.

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Guest fountainpengwen



This is Fenny:



She's special. Fenny is a very nearly 4 year old girl, about 60 pounds. She is a big snuggler. Her interests include things that squeak, sleeping, tennis balls, sleeping, acting starved for attention, getting really excited for walks and then getting tired after 10 minutes, and sleeping.


Here's Clifford:



Clifford is a newly 5 year old boy, about 73 pounds. He, unlike his sister, was a good racer and was retired because of an injury. Now that he's lived with us for a year and a half, I can honestly say I'm surprised he wasn't retired earlier! :lol He loves running full force around the house and hurting himself on the screen door, the grass, and things you wouldn't think would hurt a dog. He pounces with the force of a thousand bull elephants. His interests include collecting toys, making phone calls, staring at me until I give up my seat on the couch, eating, and conspiring with the Big Kitty.


Skip was not entered into the SS this year, but feel free to send him some catnip:



Skip is a Big Kitty of unknown age -- probably 4 or 5. He enjoys eating the greyhounds' food, kneeding people until they have bruises, afghans, cat trees, knocking magnets off the fridge, tiny mice, cat treats, and ripping up paper.


Me? I enjoy many things. Let's focus on the pets. I do not enjoy decorations that depict animals in clothing, or candles/products that smell really really sweet. Just FYI. :P

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Guest greyhound1

I only entered Brenda this year. She is 8. She loves to play with stuffies and a real love bug. She kisses everyone she sees. She is a real daddy's girl. She is light brindle with a gray face but it just blends with her. I have 2 shelties also. Joy a 10 yr old we adopted from a rescue. We have had her 5 years. She has taken 4 years to trust. She loves people not other animals. She is ok with my other 2. They leave her alone. Blazer is 5, and he is a smaller sheltie. Brenda has bonded with him. John and I think 3 is enogh right now as Blazer has some problems. I really don't need anything.

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Guest fountainpengwen

I was going to edit my post, but the edit button has disappeared.




ETA: While I don't enjoy decorations depicting animals in clothing, I do enjoy clothing for my animals. :P Fenny, especially, loves wearing coats and hoodies. Just FYI.

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Guest goofydog

Get Em is a red brindle 5.5 year old goof ball. He loves noisy stuffies, bully sticks, treats of all flavors(we just discovered lamb things and he LOVES them). He is approximately 77 pounds and doing a little dieting for those last few lbs! Not real keen on clothing which is good since the weather here doesn't get really, really cold. Color wise, he is good in blues, greens and black & gold combos.




Get Em is a red brindle 5.5 year old goof ball. He loves noisy stuffies, bully sticks, treats of all flavors(we just discovered lamb things and he LOVES them). He is approximately 77 pounds and doing a little dieting for those last few lbs! Not real keen on clothing which is good since the weather here doesn't get really, really cold. Color wise, he is good in blues, greens and black & gold combos.

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Guest EmbersDad

ember is a 9 yo red fawn female. she loves all kind of stuffies and going for walks. she loves people, and is very demure for a girlie, only roaching in private :-)





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Here's the two boys side by side.


John E is blue and Paul is white with blue and red brindle patches. They love biscuits of any kind. They have never turned down a treat or missed a meal that I can remember. John E is 11 and Paul is 6.

I love crafting. I am into rubber stamping, sewing and helping Len with our internet business, Houndtime Clocks. I can't make a clock, but do help with the trinket boxes and other wooden items. Recently, I started sewing dog coats, too.

I love Secret Santa. I enjoy making up the packages that I send as well as receiving for my doggies.

Irene Ullmann w/Flying Odin and Mama Mia in Lower Delaware
Angels Brandy, John E, American Idol, Paul, Fuzzy and Shine
Handcrafted Greyhound and Custom Clocks http://www.houndtime.com
Zoom Doggies-Racing Coats for Racing Greyhounds

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Guest Kpparker

I entered both my guys separately, and it's also our first year doing Secret Santa, woohoo!


First up is my wonderful 7 year old boy, Tavi. He's brindle, about 70 pounds (don't tell him he's small!). He loves food, belly rubs, and long roo sessions with mum and dad. He's a cool, laid back dude who if he could speak would say "whatevs (whatever)" for every situation. He's not phased by anything - even when his little sister is acting all crazy to the sight of balloons (ooooh scary!). He's generally laid back except when mummy or daddy comes home and get gets all crazy - throwing his stuffies around, squeaking them, trying to entice Bia to play. Tavi's nicknames are: Goofy, Tavi Wavi Bear, T.W. Bear, Silly Goose. His favourite thing to hear is "Tavi are you hungry?" and Tavi would like everyone to know that penguin pjs are COOL!









Bia is a 2 year old brindle princess. She never raced (didn't make the cut) but you'd never know by how intense she stares at squirrels while out on our walks. Bia is the most adorable dog - she loves to play, she loves to roach and have her belly rubbed, she loves puppies, she runs ahead of mum on the leash with her head held high wagging her tail ever so slightly but she can also drive us crazy with her constantly trying to jump in the front seat of the car, or when she is grumpy and growls at Tavi if he barely touches her (despite the fact that she can lie all over him no problem) or when she gets so excited and jumps up all over mum.. Bia is a tiny girl, only about 55 pounds but she's got a big personality. If Bia could talk she would say things like "I went to the park, I went to the park, I went to the park" "mum, mum, mum" "play, play, play" etc.. Bia's new favourite thing to eat is peanut butter! Bia's nicknames include: Princess, Chunky Monkey (for her huge back legs) and Silly Girl.








Family photo:











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Guest kgildea

Ty is the one on the left. He's our very first grey. He has the biggest personality and, boy, does he love to make an entrance! When we go to a meet-n-greet, he walks in the door and gives one loud "yip" to announce his arrival. His favorite trick is to "give paw." He thinks this profound skill is enough to warrant him a taste of whatever yummies you are eating.




This is Honey (standing *underneath* Ty). She's our itty-bitty shy baby. No longer a spook, she does still tend to start shaking at the oddest moments. Also, she is a serious chomper; it's how she says hello. "Momma! You're home! {smile, chomp, chomp, slurp}" Then it's back to the walk-in-closet which she has claimed as her personal boudoir.




This is Guinness. He's our newest addition and Ty's littermate! Off the track just 1.5 months, he's already the biggest cuddle-bug ever. This boy loves his stuffies-- the noisier and floppier the better. If it meows or is white-n-fluffy and squeals while it runs away from him, then it is seriously ON.



As for the humans... aahhh, who wants to hear about us?!? No really, we moved to CT a little over a year ago. But it was adopting Ty who really made this "home." We've been engaged for... a while... and will make it official when we are good and ready (and when I have a break from med school :P ).


Now back to the fur-babies... :wub::wub:


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Guest LolasMom

Lola is a sweet goofy girl who likes stuffies (especially if they make noise), bling, staying warm when it's cold and shamelessly roaching. She's never met a treat she didn't like or a person she didn't enjoy leaning against! She is 3+ years old and finished racing last December. Retirement suits her and she is certainly the light of my life...





As for me...I'm pretty much dog addicted, although come to think about it I haven't met a treat or surprise I didn't like either... :lol

Edited by LolasMom
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Their main wish for Christmas last year was a fenced yard :rolleyes:

So mom and dad finally got that for them in August.


Quannah is 7 years old and has been retired and home for 3 years. He LOVES any and all treats. He's playing more with stuffies now and especially likes a little black dog toy that Jacks secret santa sent last year. Jack took up with one of Quannahs gifts so all was well. Quannah loves all people and believes he's the center of the universe, therefore anyone within 30 feet obviously wants to pet him. He's not picky and says he likes to open packages, anything Santa sends will be wonderful! Quannah is black


Jack is 8 years old and also has been retired and home 3 years. He LOVES stuffies, especially if they make funny/wierd sounds. Any new stuffie is the immediate favorite. He likes treats, but he's picky and has to sniff first, then taste, then lay down, and decide if its worth eating or if he should spit it out. But no worries, if Jack doesnt eat it, Quannah is happy to clean up :colgate Jack said his first love is running in his new fenced yard (and always being first when he and Quannah run), and then stuffies are his second favorite or maybe sleeping.

Jack said to tell Santa he's not picky and anything Santa sends will be just fine. Jack is white and brindle








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This is pepper, who will be 5 years old in december.he is a greyx saluki , he loves food,and given the chance will steal food.to his good points/bad points too numerous to mention.to sum him up a loveable lunatic. and we have buster a 4and a half year old border terrier ,he is a bit more picky with his food,any thing he leaves,pepper eats!Picture018-1.jpgDSCN0610.jpgpetespice039-1.jpgPicture012-3.jpg

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Guest LazyBones

:blush i was unsure about signing up this year, but i went ahead and signed up tonight, so....


gumby is a 12 yr old senior. she is also quite petite, only weighing 54 lbs (was even the runt of her litter). she has really slowed down in the past couple years, so she spends a lot of time just snoozing (preferably on my bed!). she is nowhere near as playful as she used to be, and doesn't play with stuffies anymore.


but if you mention the magical "W" word, she DOES still get excited about that! that is one of her favorite activities, though it is starting to get a little chilly.



despite it getting chilly outside, one of her other favorite activities is yard patrol, especially in the morning.



gumby never gets chilly in the house, though, because it stays pretty warm and comfortable. as long as she has a cushy bed to lie on (namely mine), she is happy. i must say, she can be quite a bed hog, leaving me very little room sometimes if i want to take a snooze! :lol



of course, she LOVES a good treat! she has fun when i play the treat game with her. :P



and that's all i can think of right now. :)

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Guest CygnetC

I entered my two on the same ticket. Wally is sloooooooooooowly learning how to share ;)


Wally is my main man. At 8 years old and 73 pounds he always gets compliments on how handsome he is. He love stuffies and pillows and blankies and collars and coats. He wants me to remind everyone that he is a MANLY MAN and hates anything cutesy. He's too cool for that.




At almost a year old, Athena is my Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog. She's full of piss and vinegar, loves to torment her brother to no end, and apologizes to him profusely after she gets a stern talking to by him. She thinks he makes the world go 'round. She is a dog who is up for FUN FUN FUN 24 hours a day. She loves chew toys and stuffies and collars and treats. Heck, she'd eat dirt if you offered it to her. She may not be intelligent, but she's cute and always up for making us laugh. Though she likes the color pink, she isn't a fan of cutesy things either.




Or maybe their momma just doesn't like cutesy things. I'm a busy lady with 3 jobs who rarely has a day off. I don't really need much of anything, this is all about the dogs!


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This is Bandit. It's his first Christmas in a home, so he has no idea what it's all about. He is a small boy weighing in at 66lbs. He is white with a few black w/red brindle patches. He loves to play, he especially seems to like balls but he plays with stuffies too. He's still not terribly sure about the squeaking part though. Scares him just a tiny bit still. He's a spook and quite timid around stangers. He is a real cuddle bug which I love, when he first came you couldn't touch him, so he's come a long way. So far he hasn't met a treat he doesn't like.






Edited by laceyj
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Here's Miles.

YEP!!! He's a goon!



He loves stuffies with squeakers but if they have a 'face' they will be killed within 10 minutes. Miles LOVES his cookies and peanut butter. He is a shorter, but stocky Grey...73 lbs. and loves to run and play with his toys.


He likes to sleep a lot, too!

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