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Guest Peanut

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I’m just a wee little elf

Who has been asked to give a little help.


This is my first assignment

And am honored to have it.


Bert’s SS is making a list and checking it twice

Trying to find out if Bert is naughty or nice.


I hear Bert loves his stuffies

And that is Great

But what kind of stuffies

Are for this Greyt?


I know that Bert is a Fashion Hound

But how much closet space does he have?

Does he have room for a little more?

If so, please let me know what size he wears.


Does Bert like it to sparkle

Or does he prefer it soft

Does Bert have a color he looks best in

Or will any manly color do?


Treats are great,

But we know Bert must have a favorite

Is it peanut butter, liver or cheese?

Does he like it crunchy, natural or freeze dried?


Bert’s humans shouldn’t be ignored

What things have they been dreaming for?

Do they have a favorite treat?

Like chocolate or popcorn or anything sweet?


Help this wee little elf out

And answer the questions I gave

SS would love to know


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Guest DoofBert

Dear Miss Peanut,


Bert loves all treats...(after all his brudder was Sir D)...we're going to try some clicker training in the new year.... so small sized treats would be extra helpful..any flavor will do.


As far as stuffies goes, Bert is not too particular... although we do like the kind that make some sort of sound.


Fashions....we have a bit closet space for the hounds, and Bert has his fair share. The house is rather chilly as we are trying to reduce heat bills. He might like a 'housecoat' or sweater to wear inside. He looks good in any color....but daddieman doesn't like neon colors. He weighs about 67 pounds.... I can get exact measurements if needed. Collars, hats work fine, too. We could use some casual hats (he has a pimpmister hat already!)


We're easy going and just enjoy the season. Homemade gifts are always appreciated. DH Tim loves nuts. I like to do crafts and would love to find a needlepoint pattern of a greyhound.


We look forward to Christmas... (BTW, no matter WHEN the pressies arrive, DH makes us wait til 25 December...that's ok, he likes to get in the fun, too!)








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Sizes would be great.

You never know what SS might have in mind

Although, this could just be bait

To lead you off the trail of what SS really has in mind.

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