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Last Spring our boy Jake became very sick and after numerous meds and tests we chalked it all up to hook worms. He was dewormed and then had a follow-up weeks later, and all seemed fine. Lately, I have been a little worried maybe we were having some problems again: a little rumbling in the tummy, going pooh more often, and some licking his hind-end after bowel movements. We see the vet Monday. Today, while picking up after him I noticed something I think are worms in his pooh. They look like and are shaped like needles from a pine-tree (~1 inch long) but are different colors (more of a reddish brown). We have lots of pine trees and my guy's an eater, but after further evaluation (this is the gross part) I am certain they're not pine needles. Looking online and in old GT threads, I am confused about the ability to see hook worms with the naked eye. I called the vet this morning and they know we will be checking this on Monday, but to ease my own mind, any ideas what this is? I am not in panic mode, since Jake is playful, eating well, normal stools, and is showing no signs of distress. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thank you!

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From your description....I really can't say what worm it may be....if a worm. Hookworms generally cannot be seen by the naked eye so I would doubt that is what you are seeing. Tapeworms look like grains of rice when they are alive and once they die (rather quickly once exposed) they are hardly even noticeable anymore cuz they shrivel up and almost become translucent. Roundworm looks like spaghetti and are a white/creamy color....again....don't sound like your description. Your best bet is to analyze the stool as soon as it exits the k9 (fun! :P ). They will likely still be alive at that point and wiggling around. But as mentioned, you can't see hookworms (and whipworms for that) with the naked eye so a fecal needs to be done regardless. Bring a fresh stool sample (within the last 24 hrs or so) in with you when you go to the vet on Monday and you'll have your answers very quickly. Don't stress....worms are easily treated if in fact that is what it is.

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