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Brody Could Use Some Positive Thoughts

Guest BoomerMom

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Guest BoomerMom





I was finally able to pick Brody up from the animal shelter yesterday afternoon. Although I had seen him on Saturday, and spent six hours trying to find someone with the authority to release him to me so I could take him to the e-vet, we were unable to get the five day waiting period waived. I was told that because he wasn't bleeding and had no broken bones that he didn't need immediate medical attention.



Brody has one heck of a nasty skin condition, his feet are swollen, he's incredibly skinny and has sores all over his body. I took him straight from the shelter to Preston Park Animal Hospital and after an examination, Susie and I gave him a bath. Even after letting the medicated shampoo soak his coat for twenty minutes, we were unable to get all of the scabs out of his fur. It is virtually impossible to find a spot to pet him that isn't rough with sores or scabs.







We started the him on antibiotics and are treating him for a fungal infection. Dr. Soileau is running numerous tests on him, and we should know more about his condition tomorrow or Monday. He has moved in next to Carter in my dining room. The plan for the weekend is to get as much food as he wants into him and to keep him warm.


Susie is concerned that he may not make it. Please say a prayer, light a candle or just send warm happy thoughts to little poor soul.

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oh my gosh. prayers for Brody. Look at him. Poor thing. Lots of Brady prayers and Carter prayers too. You all are angels.



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Oh my gosh, he is heartbreaking!

Many prayers going out to Brody.


"I was told that because he wasn't bleeding and had no broken bones that he didn't need immediate medical attention."


The SPCA that I worked for had that kind of attitude too! Are they insane, or simply inhumane?


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Oh, poor wee guy! :cry1 Good thoughts coming your way. Hoping that nasty rash is something simple! Thank you for taking care of him!

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Guest KennelMom

Oh my dear Lord, that poor hound :cry1 Sending lots of prayers his way :hope :hope He's in good hands with GALT...



(that animal shelter must have a very strange definition of what type of condition requires immediate medical attention! <_< )

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God bless you for being such a good person. I will say prayers for Brody, Carter and all of God's creature's that are in need.

Those pictures brought tears to my eyes and I don't know how they didn't see how much he needed to be vetted.


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OH my...that is just so sad. Come on Brody~fight this demon~I know you can do it~I see the light in your brave eyes. :grouphug My many prayers and white light. :grouphug


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OMG! :cry1 Lots of healing thoughts to sweet Brody.

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OMG! That poor baby! Many prayers that he survives and becomes a healthy, happy hound. I have such respect for this group that seems to take in the really bad cases. My hats off to you!

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He could not have landed in better hands. If anyone can help him make it, it's GALT.


C'mon Brody, you can do it!

You took the words out of my mouth.



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Guest BoomerMom
Did I miss the back-story on this guy? How old is he? Sending love and postive thoughts for this sweetie!



The story on this guy is that he was picked up by animal control on Saturday morning. I am organizing a team of people who are currently trying to catch two stray greys in Fort Worth (see Amber alert thread). We were told by a neighbor on Friday night that AC had picked up one of the greys we were trying to catch. Although none of the shelters in the area said they had picked him, I went to look anyway. Not everyone can identify a greyhound.


When I got to the shelter I told them why I was there and the guy said that he would show me the greyhounds that he had. :eek:eek He took me back to a cage with two greys in it. One was a lurcher - black with wiry hair. He was already tagged to be picked up by GU. The other was this pitiful looking brindle mess that just about broke my heart. I figured that if GU was taking one of the dogs, GALT was probably getting the other. I called Susie to let her know that I was at the AC and could bring this poor boy to PPAH before they closed. Susie was aware of two greys in the shelter, but was told GU was getting both of them. There were several phone calls back and forth between the groups before we figured out that one of the two greys that GU was going to get had already been picked up and the one I had seen had just been brought in that morning.


After all of that BS, we then start trying to get this poor guy released so I can take him to the e-vet. For those of you who are familiar with the Apple Martini story, you can understand how serious this is when I say this guy is in worse shape than she was. After several hours of waiting for someone with enough authority to release her to rescue to show up I was finally told that they were closing up for the day and would have someone call me. I had to go back over to the house in Fort Worth to meet the team with the live trap so we could set it up to catch the two strays there. About half an hour later I got the call from AC saying that he wasn't in critical condition and would not be released for at least 72 hours and to check back on Monday. As it turns out, they decided that 72 hours wasn't long enough and he had to wait the full five days......


In the mean time, we caught Carter in the live trap on Saturday night. There is still one more stray grey in Fort Worth that we are trying to catch. I just can't believe that there are so many of them in that area and they are all in such bad shape. It just breaks my heart.


Brody has warmed up to me a little today. I think all of the treats had something to do with that. He did cooperate this evening by giving us a fecal sample just in time for me to get it over to PPAH before they closed. We will be able to find out just what kind of parasites he has tomorrow. We think he is about two years old.


Thanks so much for all of the prayers and positive thoughts. I know he appreciates them.



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Oh jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze.


Sending prayers and gentlest hugs to little fellow and big fat hugs to yourself.

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