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Greytgroupleader... You're The Next Contestant On

Guest savvyprchick

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Guest savvyprchick

You have hounds that number four

but about them we'd love to learn more.


Your SS knows nothing, except their lovely names.

So now this Evil Elf gets to play her game.


Your mission, should you choose to accept

is to divulge information you have thus far kept.


Your hounds... we want to know their personality and size

and yes, we'd even like to know the color of their eyes.


Do they like stuffies? With what kinds do they like to play?

Do you hear squeaking and grunting and giggling all day?


What about the kinds of food they like to eat?

Peanut butter, chicken... what is their favorite treat?


Do they have any specific colors that represents each one?

Do they like stately or whimsical and fun?


Is there anything else you have on a wish list?

If you do, then please tell--I insist!


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Guest GreytgroupLeader

Evil Elf, you are correct

My Greyt numbers are four


Let me start with my Diva

And go on to more:


M's Geisha Girl is her name

Attitude is her game


Please don't tell her sh'e almost 12.

She's my spark. Loves to push her ball around and around the yard



On to my boys, two which are brothers

Royal Decree that's my Duncan

My 90 lb pooh bear

Loves his burpdogs bisquits



Royal Magic tha's my Slim

Loves to greet me with a stuffie at the door

The most lovable mush you'll ever meet



Last but not least is my Mikey

The Court Jester. He loves his stuffies






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