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Weight Loss

Guest cat_mph

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Guest cat_mph

Toes is 8 years old. Since we adopted him in 2005, his weight has been between 70-74 lbs. During his comp visit in September, I noticed his weight was 67 lbs; during his last visit 6 months ago he weighed 70 lbs. The vet didn't mention anything about the weight loss.


His energy level is normal along with his appetitie. He is up to date on his vaccinations. His food is the same. His stools are normal with the exception of the past 24 hours where they have been less firm; but not diarhea.



So, how much weight loss is normal/ok? What could be the causes?



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Guest snowberry

Losing a couple of pounds over the summer, when it's hot, if your dog hasn't felt like eating as much, is OK. TBH, I'd keep a careful eye on him and see your vet if you're not happy. There are so many things it could be, from worms to quite worrying things.

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