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Dewclaw Injury

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Normally I'd post images, but Photobucket isn't working for me, and I don't know why. And I'm too lazy to shrink them just right now.


Dash hurt his dewclaw running around; there was a small amount of blood, and now it's a bit skewed out from the leg- not much, but it hurts him when I manipulate it. I'm hoping it's just the swelling, but if it's not, how do I know what to do next?


BTW: He's our foster, and the group knows about it; I haven't heard back from them yet, and wanted to check the group's wisdom on the subject anyway.

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Jake has done that at least twice. I bandaged his leg making sure everything was padded. The first time, the nail was in the bandage the next day. Recently (2 weeks ago) his nail was at a right angle so I wrapped, the next day everything was straight. The nail fell off a couple of days later and everything seemed fine. 6 days after the injury he was limping and his foot was swollen. He has been on Clavamox since and is fine now.

So, just make sure you cleaned it well and keep a close eye on it.


I'm beginning to hate dew claws.

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My mixed breed has done this a few times. The first time we brought her to the vet, but since then we've been taking care of it at home using the vet's suggestions. Since it was clean in our case, we just left it open and un-bandaged so it would get air and heal faster. We did trim as much of the claw as possible, so as to reduce the chance of it getting snagged again. If it's a really long one it may be better to wrap it though. Our vet said that it was ok for her to lick it as long as she didn't get too carried away.


He also said that we could do epsom salt soaks/compresses if we'd like, which I expect was mostly to make us feel better and like we were helping, but we did it. Of course watch for infection or anything like that, but we didn't have any issues. It just meant Chaos (mostly) chilling on the couch for a couple of days, soaking up some loving. I hope yours heals just as easily. :)

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