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We have a 12 year old male that has LS. He has had a depo shot and is doing much better, but I need to stop his weight loss. Iam not looking to fatten him up, I figure that could cause more problems with his LS. I need to know what I can feed him to get concentrated calories in him, he is too thin now. I am know how to feed horse to get what I want but not dogs, please help.

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Guest Greensleeves

First, talk to your vet. One of ours is very up on canine nutrition and had some great suggestions when we were helping Whistler (who also had LS) gain weight. Ask about foods that have more calories than whatever you're feeding now. We had the best luck with Royal Canin puppy food, but every dog is different. Evo, which was suggested in the linked thread, is a *very* rich food, so if you try it, you want to introduce it very slowly. And because it's so concentrated, you may actually be feeding less, which can make for a cranky dog who thinks he's still hungry!


We supplemented Whistler's dog food with lots of bread products (bagels, cornbread, pasta, etc) and eggs (he preferred scrambled, but hard boiled were easier to keep on hand). He wasn't as turned on by meat or dairy products (cottage cheese was hit or miss for him).


Along with the "anything he'll eat" diet, we actually had the very best luck when he was on prednisone (for an unrelated condition). It was a tiny dose, but enough to stimulate the appetite *and* help him gain a total of 12 lbs, which he maintained the whole last year of his life! I'm not advocating prednisone *just* for appetite control, but if your vet feels it may benefit his LS (some have luck with it, some it does nothing for), you might ask about it.

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