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Update On Max

Guest QuickNLazy

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Guest QuickNLazy

The Vet called today and said Max’s thyroid levels were low and that may be what caused the seizure. She wants to get him on Thyroxine, one pill twice a day and then have him back in a month to retest. Max has always had dry skin and has been my shy boy, but he recently put on weight that I cant seem to get off; from reading other posts I guess this is pretty normal for hypothyroid. I should have caught it earlier... She also said his Kidney function was a bit high so she wants us to bring in a urine sample, :eek that should be fun!!

While doing some reading on Thyroxine it seems it is not the most popular treatment, Soloxine seems to be the preferred medication from some GreyTalkers. Does one have fewer side effects (that you have noticed) than the other? Some people have said Thyroxine didn’t work as well as Soloxine, is that a pretty common occurrence?


Also, Thank you SO much to all of you who offered advice and support, you have no idea how comforting it was, thank you!!! :wub:


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I tried the generic on Shanti when I ran out and did not get my reorder fast enough. IT DID NOT WORK WELL for her! I saw some nasty changes in her behaviour. Back on soloxine and she was back to her sweet self in a matter of days. I would not use anything other than Soloxine on my grey.


I order from Omaha Vaccine. Great prices, easy to order!

The Girls

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I think you'll find that the thyroid supplement won't really have many/any noticeable side effects. It is a bit hard to tell with my epileptic, low thyroid boy, Piper. He's on so much anti-epileptic medication with noticeable side effects that, if the Soloxin causes any problems, they aren't apparent. FWIW, there are a fair number of dogs on the K9-Epil email list ( for canine epilepsy/seizures) on thyroid supplement and the overwhelming advice there too is to stick with Soloxin. There seems to be evidence that that brand works best.


Best of luck to you and Max,


Lucy with Greyhound Nate and OSH Tinker. With loving memories of MoMo (FTH Chyna Moon), Spirit, Miles the slinky kitty (OSH), Piper "The Perfect" (Oneco Chaplin), Winston, Yoda, Hector, and Claire.

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