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Pop Up Dental Wipes - Work Great!

Guest ProudGreyMom

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Guest ProudGreyMom

I decided to try some dental wipes for Jake because he has such bad teeth (always has even when we got him). I can't even brush them anymore, I can tell it bothers him and his breath is gross. Anyway.......I got peppermint scented pop up wipes at Petco and they really worked well, and he didn't mind at all :colgate The wipes actually got gunk off the teeth too. I used them on Andy too even though he gets brushed.


Just thought I would share in case anyone was wondering about them! :brushteeth

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That sounds great! I know that someone has posted in the past about using something like that but then I completely forgot about them. Now I'll definitely have to remember to pick them up. I hate stressing out Kelsey at her age with brushing because she really seems to hate it.


Thanks so much for posting!

Chris, with Bixby (aka Clive Bixby, fka Taplin's Bull) and the feline buggle brothers, Oliver and Salem.

Kelsey (Watch the Kick), forever in my heart.

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