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I can't even believe that I am writing this. I am absolutely devestated. Carrier just turned 10 on Oct 13th and other than this bloodly limp, he is perfect. I don't know what our next steps are, I can't even stop crying to think clearly. The vet is gather info and we are going to discuss options. Amputation is a possibility since he is strong overall in his health - but at this point we aren't sure until we do more tests etc to see if it's spread. The vet thinks if we just leave it and manage his pain we will be lucky to have him with us in the new year. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, please keep them coming - he needs them.

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If you can manage his pain, then *he* won't know he's sick.


That isn't enough, but it's a lot.


I'm sorry you and your boy are having to deal with this.

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Oh I can only imagine how painful this is for you. I'm so sorry. Whatever you decide, we're here. :grouphug for you and kisses for your Carrier.



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I'm so sorry to read this. :( Join Circle of Grey. When Snickers was diagnosed I tried to read about choices. In our case, I opted for amputation and chemo. What really sold me was that the amputation eliminates the source of the pain and depending on the location of the tumor, the leg might be prone to pathological fracture too. Many dogs survive a long time after chemo and amp. Unfortunately for Snickers luck ran out. We're not sure if there was a tumor in her brain stem or a blood clot hit her respiratory control center but we lost her just over two months after her amputation. If that hadn't happened, I think she was doing very well and might have reached her one-year anniversary.


It's hard to know what to do at first. You have to make a decision based on what you think is best for your Carrier. :grouphug It's mind-numbing when you first hear the news, but be strong and try to look ahead. Carrier is older, so cancer growth tends to be less aggressive. Have you talked with Dr. Cuoto's group at Ohio State? They will help answer questions too.





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My thoughts and prayers are with you both.



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Prayers :hope and Hugs :grouphugs

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Oh, how sad... I am so sorry to hear the news. :cry1


If he's strong overall, I would probably consider amputation, because as Aerosmom says, it takes away the source of the pain and avoids pathological fractures, but it's a difficult thing to get your head around. Whatever you decide, if you decide with your heart from an informed position, it will be the right thing for you and Carrier.


Sending hugs. :bighug


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i am so sorry we are battling osto with two of our greys

please please get him on artisminin

they are using it at ohio state with dr cuoto with grey results he spoke about it at dewey

it is a herb they used for malaria in humans how it get to be a cancer me i haven't a clue

our saullie was diagnosised 4 month ago and since he is on the art as of 2 weeks ago it has not spread or grown

of course next week is his next set of xrays i am super worried

if you want more info there is a fabulous list on yahoo everyone is so knowledgable and helpful

you have to buy it from one or two reliable sources

i get ours from http://holleypharma.com

morty was diagnosis 3 weeks ago and also is doing better then our vet thought he would

saullie's surgeon said he can't explain why saullie is doing fabulous (no amputation) just artisminin, super low carbs and fish oil

please pm me for more info



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I am so sorry. My heart aches for you both. PLEASE join circle of grey and contact Dr. Couto. Sending my many prayers. :grouphug


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