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Corn Removal Tools

Guest chigal950

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Guest chigal950

I cannot seem to find somewhere to order tools for corn removal.


Caden is on a 2nd round of corns on 2 hind toes so I am going to get the tools. I can get them pretty well with a fingernail but think it may be more comfortable for him and go faster with a proper tool.


Please point me in the right direction. Thanks!

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I believe it is dental "tools" that are used, but I would want the vet to do it. :dunno

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It is called a root elevator. Sometimes you can find them on ebay.


Edited to add that you should consult with your vet if you haven't had experience using one.

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Yes, the vet uses a dental root elevator, but as others have said, I don't know that it's advisable for you to just start doing them by yourself. At the very least, have your vet train you how to use the tools. They are sharp and if you do it wrong, you may stab the dog's toe, go too deep under the corn, etc.

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