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Triheart Thief!

Guest SusanP

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I wrapped 4 Triheart plus tabs in cheese and pushed them back on the counter. Turned my back for a minute or two and when I looked again...ONE was gone!


New boy Spinner came in and nosed at counter...put paws up on counter and nosed remaining tablets.


But I didn't SEE him do it. I'm not 100% sure he had his meds...


Called vet. Vet says I can double dose if I want. But I really *don't* want--I'd have to double dose everybody!


But this would have been Spinner's first dose since coming to our home and being tested for heartworm. Not sure if former owners kept up on meds. Was waiting for today to do everyone (I always do it on the 10th).


I am so mad at myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Would you guys double it or assume it was him?


I'm so stupid! What if they'd been something besides heartworm meds and he'd eaten them all?!



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Guest nerak254

Donh't feel dumb, you aren't the only one who has been hit by a thief. If it makes you feel any better, Jessica once took an entiree package-it was unopened. :blink: She ate everything followed by a paniced phone call by me to the vet. He laughed at me and said that there was no harm but that she'd had a very exensive snack.

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