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Last night I opened the back door to let the dogs out and a bug ran in so I grabbed the bug spray and sprayed around the door came in and sat at the tv and within a minute Elliot our persan cat walked in and fell over , breathing hard and his mouth wide open and his tongue in a knot , wife grabbed him and took him in the kitchen and washed his mouth out with a turkey baster and then held him in the wind blowing in the window after a while he seemed to get better and laid down to rest , this morning he is fine , every one needs to read the warring's on these products as they can get our Greys as well.

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These things are nasty and dangerous. I never use any type of insect spray in the house. My personal choice for the worst product are the foggers. You must leave your house for 4 hours, it can kill small animals and fish, cover all your dishes & food cuz you wouldnt want to eat the stuff - but then in 4 hours its safe to go back in and breathe the air? I dont think so, wouldnt use any of this around my pup, myself or anyone else.

Mom to Toley (Astascocita Toley) DOB 1/12/09, and Bridge Angel Opie (Wine Sips Away) 3/14/03-12/29/12

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Guest WhenIGiveIn

Oh my glad kitty is ok!



I second the foggers, the only time I have ever used them is when I moved into my new house. They had spiders and fleas and who knows what else so I bombed and moved in a couple days later after cleaning everything!

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