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Breath Stink

Guest ss556

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Alan doesn't have the greatest teeth (no, no turkey necks yet, but soon) and he has had bad breath for a while. Just this week it seems to have changed the smell, almost fishy like. He has high blood pressure & kidney disease & he is on meds for that and has been since June 2006. He gets pepcid/zantac as needed. He eats cooked chicken in Purina Select Lamb & Barley, which was the only kibble I was able to get him to eat,for months now. Why would the breath change?


I hope it's not the kidney disease progressing:(

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Get him in for a checkup on Monday.... fishy/ammonia smell can indicate renal failure. It may be nothing more than a round of antibiotics are needed to clear some of the bacteria out of his mouth. Hopefully that's it. Are you supplementing with vitamin B complex or fish oil? Those can make for a wierd fishy smell, too.



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Oh boy - yes I am - he gets fish oil ( a new one) at night and B-Complex every other day. It might be the different fish oil - he seems fine otherwise so hopefully that's it. The smell isn't overpowering, but being the Mommy, I noticed the difference.

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