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If a grey has been treated with Imizol - can my other greys get Babesia from that grey?

If others can get babesia, how?

And how long does the Imizol take to cure the grey?


I want to make sure to take care of my greys, so any and all insight would be appreciated.


Thank roo...

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It's passed by ticks. I would have them all tested.

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Only if the other hound's were bitten by the same tick that was infected. I would have them tested too, better safe then sorry. Our vet does tick testing and heartworm testing all at the same time now. Might be something to ask about.


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it depends on where you live. phoenix had, and was treated for babesia, which is spread by the brown tick. since the brown tick doesn't live here in southern ontario, he couldn't be a carrier.


when phoenix was treated with babesia, he seemed better within days of his first injection. after his second one he limped a bit, but that went away.

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