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Annual Shots


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Tatum is due for her annual shots in October.

I've been hearing all kind of things about them.. Some say we shouldn't give them every year and that a blood shot should be made before..and others don't get the shots given at all..


What is best for the dogs ?





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Doing shots every 3 years is generally accepted now. However, many vets don't support it, maybe because they would be losing income? I would still suggest a "wellness" visit to have your dog seen and checked over, weighed, just without the shots. Even the rabies vaccine has a version that can only be given every 3 years (although I think it's the same shot as the annual shot). I think that would be a good protocol to start on, while you read, learn, and figure out what you are comfortable with.

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I can tell you what I have done with my dogs. Renie and Lucy are 9 and Teddy will be 8 in November. We had already gone to every three years, and this month Renie would have been due distemper and parvo so we had a titer run which showed that she did not need the vaccines. My dogs do have physical exams twice a year, comprehensive senior profile (blood work) and urinalysis, heartworm test and fecal annually, and at the other six month exam they have a wellness profile (blood work) done. We do have the intranasal bordetella every six months. Having said all that, a lot of vets are not going to volunteer the information of the three year shot protocol to their clients simply because they know the only time the dogs are brought in for vet care is for the "annual shots", so if they don't get the annual shots the dog won't see the vet.

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Guest ibigcrazy

I went to every 3 years quite a while back. The main reason is with in 24 hours of having his booster shots my male iggie started having seizures. He has only had his rabies since then and everyone else is 3 years. I told my new vet this, (new vet with much better knowledge of Greyhounds) and he totally agreed with me. He also told me when the time comes he would prefer to run the titer test first. I'm happy and so are all the kids cause they hate shots.



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