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Pepcid Ac


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When you give pepcid along with antibiotics to prevent stomach upset, is it better to give them at the same time or give the pepcid a little before (I would guess 20-30 minutes), or does it not matter? I always advise people to give it, and am giving it to Neyla with her Clavamox now, but never bothered with the timing of it. Just curious. So far no stomach issues anyway.




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I believe it is better to give it 20 mins. before. I was told to give it 20 mins. before food.




Sounds about what I heard too. Just yesterday vet put Polli on regualr strentgh pedcid ac for 5 days.

She said 1/2 hour before breakfast.



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I give the Pepcid 30 minutes before feeding, then I give the meds after feeding.

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