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Blitz, Friday Evening

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We got smart and ate dinner BEFORE visiting Blitz this evening. They brought Blitz to us fairly quickly, and he wagged his tail when he saw us. They put us in one of the exam rooms and then brought us a cereal bowl with two kinds of wet food in it. The tech said they had been force feeding him after offering him as many options as they had available, and thought that he might eat with us there. It took him a few moments to get settled, and I offered it to him a couple of times before he dug in and pretty much cleaned out the bowl. :yay


Blitz seemed much more alert this evening, and we felt better once we saw how much brighter he appeared today than he did yesterday. We loved on him for a little bit while we waited for the doc to see us - she was dealing with an emergency - and also took him outside to urinate, which he did, copiously.


The doc was pleased with how he was doing in general, though she would've been happier if they didn't have to syringe-feed him. She gave us two options: one, we could do the MRI, for which we would probably need to go to the IAMS Center in Virginia - the MRI tech decided she wasn't entirely comfortable doing the special MRI technique as a diagnostic without some practice on normal patients first - and then do a surgery to take some biopsies and whatnot, or two, just go ahead and do exploratory surgery. The surgeon is more or less comfortable doing it either way - while the MRI would help him know what he was doing surgically and give him a better focus, he understands that the MRI may be outside of our budget. The doc has also contacted the IAMS Center via e-mail and filled them in on the case and has asked for their opinion, but has not yet heard a response from their radiologist. The doc said the reason she's not saying to go right ahead with the exploratory surgery is because they think he may have an AV fistula (which I'm in the process of researching...) and that's something that would be helpful to know before going in. She said if he does have an AV fistula, they would prefer the surgery be done in a university setting where they have the necessary equipment to make the surgery a bit safer. (If it comes to that, I will of course be in contact with Dr. Couto....)


We have elected to wait to hear what the radiologist has to say before we make a decision about the MRI. The referral doc has also been in touch with Dr. Patty and filled her in, and I will call her some time over the weekend to discuss what she is thinking.


The doc said she would like to keep him overnight tonight yet and see how he does with the food that is now getting into him, and also to see about getting him switched over to oral medications. If he continues to do well and keeps everything down, she would like to send him home tomorrow.


After we talked to the doc, Blitz started getting restless and a little whiny, so the doc said she was going to send some more food up. Another tech brought him a nearly full cereal bowl of chicken, and he wolfed that down. We thought for a few minutes that he was going to bring it back up, but we patted him and rubbed his throat and talked him through it. We could hear the gas gurgling around, but I don't think he actually belched. I suspect he'll belch a lot later. He leaned on us as we scritched him and I took him outside again as he was leaking a little, and then yet another tech came to get him to hook him back up to his IV for his medications.


So hopefully all that food will stay down overnight, and he'll be able to come home with us for a day or two. :goodluck

Deanna with galgo Willow, greyhound Finn, and DH Brian
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Prayers continue for Blitz. :hope

Greyhound angels at the bridge- Casey, Charlie, Maggie, Molly, Renie, Lucy & Teddy. Beagle angels Peanut and Charlie. And to all the 4 legged Bridge souls who have touched my heart, thank you. When a greyhound looks into you eyes it seems they touch your very soul.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more then he loves himself". Josh Billings


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Guest Winterwish

Oh you must have been so happy to see him eat a nice,healthy meal! :clap I hope he does come home tomorrow.


Sending good thoughts and prayers for Blitz's good health. Hopefully the radiologist and docs will have a very optimistic report before proceeding any further. :hope:hope

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Glad he ate. Sending prayers that he gets to come home -- healthy and hungry -- very soon.

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I too am glad he ate. Here's to continued positive news.

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Hey Deanna, one of our adopters works at the IAMs clinic as a nurse anethetist. Do a search for IAMs on the group site and her email will come up. Lynn has been very helpful in the past with all sorts of questions...


Happy eating Blitz-boy. :chow

Colleen with Covey (Admirals Cove) and Rally (greyhound puppy)
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