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Anyone Have Any Feedback Or Info On

Guest TinasTroops

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It helps for some dogs, and does nothing for others. Can be expensive, but the generic (seligiline) is available. Some folks report success with supplementing vitamins A, C, E and choline, but again, for others it does nothing.


No way to tell without giving it a try... nothing ventured, nothing gained.



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Guest TinasTroops

We're 2 days into Anipryl and I am not liking it already but our Vet asked us to give in at least 2 weeks and see.


The technical term for Dementia


what is it? something to do with eyesight?
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If you don't have the RX insert here is info on Anipryl, possible side effects, etc.


link to Anipryl

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I really like the drug if cognitive dysfunction is present. Fatty acid supplementation can also help in some situations. We don't carry it routinely but oddly enough I've had better luck with Nutramaxx's fatty acid (welactin) than other companies for cognitive dysfunction:







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