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Skin Lesions And Other Symptoms

Guest chigal950

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Guest chigal950

Hi all


3 weeks ago Caden had a strange area on his rear foot where the hair was all gone and it was a little oozy. He was licking it a little. Now its fairly well cleared up and we're seeing hair start to grow back. Maybe 3/4 an inch long oval, vertical, I thought, esp. being on the foot, that he must have just scraped it running in the yard. Even thought it was really weird that just that spot had zero hair. We have concrete and tree roots so scrapes on the feet do happen.




Then about 10 days ago, a round patch of skin irritation showed up on his belly. Larger, about the size of a 50 cent piece. All the hair gone. Not oozy, it scabbed up and now its just pink. Hair hasn't come back in yet. This is a strange place for a scrape and scrapes don't tend to be round, so this one got me a little worried.




Then tonight, I see a 3rd lesion has formed on the back foot. It could be a scrape but having 3 unusual skin events in 3 weeks makes me suspect its time to get to the vet. Just wanted to get some opinions if you agree a vet visit is needed and what we should be looking for (TBD's, ?)




Other recent medical info:


About 4 weeks ago he had corns for the first time - out of nowhere, two at once (these were removed relatively quickly and easily, thankfully).


Also if you recall about 2-3 weeks ago he developed a limp in his right front paw, which he still has some days (XRays were negative), and one day a week ago, just one day, he woke up all bent and crippled, you could see he was actually walking as if he was totally out of alignment. He's also been slow to get up in the mornings, sometimes not getting up and going out when Molly first does. However for the most part, and once he gets going, he acts fine. And the 'bent and crippled thing" was just one day.


Poor boy. I don't want to think there is something 'bad' going on but does this sound like there is more going on than just scrapes, stiffness and corns?

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Could there be something in the back yard that's a skin irritant? I think a vet visit is a good idea.

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Definitely worth a vet visit, and I would ask for a skin scarping to see what it shows.

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Guest chigal950

Surely as it always happens, everything cleared up after I started this thread, except 1 new corn, so we didn't go to the vet.


Then this week another lesion arose on the back of his foot and I also found a flat mushy lump under his skin, not round, more of a loosely defined oval shape - hoped it was a bug bite or bruise but after 3 days it is still there. By the edge of his ribcage, near the abdominal area. And and now a couple small black bumps near his privates that look new. Off to the vet today. Wish us luck for nothing serious.

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Guest greytmonty

I would ask your vet to do a skin scraping, Monty and Rhonda's Bodie have had weird skin stuff and it turned out to be staph. You want to stop that fast if you can.

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Guest chigal950

We're back. All is well.


The vet says that picture #2 with the round bare area on his belly was classic staph. The most recent skin area on his leg he says is trauma. Probably just from all the tree roots in our yard. No antiobiotic needed, doesn't appear anything warrants it right now.


The squishy lump under the skin by the ribs he thinks may be a little excess fat pocket. If it becomes larger or more defined or harder we will biopsy. Just a watch.


The dark spots by his privates are simply nipples I never noticed before. But hey good to ask, right?


Lymph nodes are normal and temperature normal.


Thanks for sending the good thoughts, they worked!

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