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Guest Lorraineandcrew

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Guest Lorraineandcrew

Hi all,


I'm taking my new chip of 5 weeks to the vet tonight just for a "nice to meet you", I noticed over the weekend that her right eye had developed a small bit of a cloud. After doing a bit of research, Pannus seems to be the culprit (of course I don't want it to be, hoping it's just something minor) but for those of you who have dogs with it, please give me your opinions and thoughts, so I don't end up crying my eyes out at the vets tonight!


Is it treatable? Does early detection make a difference? Will the cloudiness go away, or is it a matter of tying to stop it from getting worse? How can they tell the difference between calcium or fat deposits and Pannus? What is the test for it? Will she go blind?


Any opinions welcome.




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Guest KennelMom

Pannus is very treatable and we had great success with our Bridge boy, Caesar and his pannus. Unless your vet is VERY experienced with eyes, I'd opt for a specialist just to confirm the diagnosis and get a treatment plan in place (if that's possible).

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Though I did take Brandy to the doggie opthomologist, my vet's diagnosis and prescription was exactly the same. You do want to make sure that you are treating the right illness and treating it correctly.

Brandy has pannus in one eye, which I have been told is unusual. She has also been in remission for the about three years, which is more than unusual. But, she does get her daily drop in her right eye at supper time.

Good luck with your dog. This is a very treatable disease.

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Guest whatahound

Ace has Pannus and it is very treatable. We found out about 1 1/2 years ago. I had the same worries as you do at first because I had a dog go blind due to glaucoma, so I am very intune to eye problems. As long as you are consistent with giving drops your hound should be fine. (If that's whats going on) Some of the cloudness may go away. It did in Ace's case, but now he has a little fatty deposit on one eye. I do recommend seeing a specialist. It is worth the little extra cost to have piece of mind.


Right now Ace is getting two different drops once per day. When I took him to the specialist 4 weeks ago, she said he looked great. Catching it early I'm sure would be best.


Here's Ace looking very cool in his Doggles.


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Guest cestbarb

Hi Lorraine,

Maddie had a form of pannus (immune mediated keratoconjunctivitis) that was diagnosed three years ago and was under control with a daily drop of cyclosporin. We have a wonderful ophtalmologist in Stouffville, Dr Melanie Williams (Toronto Yorke Veterinary Ophthalmology Service) Phone: 905-642-4200

Keep me posted (greytinfo@rogers.com)




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No matter how experienced the vet is, they do not have the equipment the specialist does. Solomon convinced me that a dog should go to the specialist as well as Rob Roy.


Solomon had an underlying old dog condition that precluded him from receiving pred drops. It would have been disasterous.


Rob Roy: we were sure (the vet and I) that he had pannus (yes, a very greyhound vet) and he did not. He had a condition that is very rare in dogs and there is no treatment necessary.



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Guest tampagreymom

My Jade was diagnosed in March with mild Pannus. Her regular vet suspected it and referred me to a wonderful veterinary opthalmologist. I was very intimidated and scared too when I first heard the diagnosis and liefelong treatment required but it really is not bad at all. She gets 2 types of eyedrops-I alternate them everyday and her Pannus is now considered well-managed according to the last checkup. I was told the eyedrops will prevent the progression of the disease and prevent her from losing her vision. At first she would try to run away when she saw the medicine :lol but now she knows it is part of the routine. I would recommend going to a specialist. The test and exam was similar to what we get when we go to the eye doctor.

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Guest wilsontrixie

yep, i had a returned foster with it...if detected early, it can be maintained at that level...i know where you live and be aware of the opthamologist you go to. there is one in T.O. who is a vet who claims to be an opth. and is not...never wrote the exam...

i'll p.m. you.

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Koda was diagnosed with Pannus just last year. She has her good days and bad....the bad usually go hand in hand with being out in the sun for long periods of time. She is on eye drops....1 drop every 2nd day. It seems to 'maintain' it....I haven't really seen any improvement. For a lifetime problem...it is a pretty minor one. But like you, I was distraught at first....GT'ers helped relieve me of that. ;) They can go blind if not treated, and yes, catching it early helps. Doggles help since the sun/snow reflection does aggravate it. I would recommend having an eye specialist take a look at it.


Here is a pic of Koda's eye:








And here is a pic of Koda in her sexy Doggles ;) :




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Pannus is very treatable, my Molly was treated for Pannus for several years and it never got any worse with daily treatment. I agree with taking your pup to a doggy opthamologist, they have all the tools that a people eye doctor has, and they are very specialized. :)

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