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Osteo Question

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My girl Pearl started limping 2 days ago. It's getting worse. It's her right hip. There is soft tissue swelling there today that wasn't there yesterday.


So, my question. For those of you who had greys with osteo of the hip, did you notice swelling?



(she's going to the vets tonight)




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With my greys, didn't notice any swelling with the first limp. However, x-rays showed changes in the bone and around the bone. Swelling became evident during the first month. :( Many prayers for Pearl. :hope I SO wish that the osteo club was exclusive with NO NEW MEMBERS! :cry1

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Kira had osteo in her knee. She had swelling a few months into her diagnosis. The vet said that the swelling means the osteo is spreading.




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No swelling, just limping. :(


Sending prayers for Pearl. :hope:grouphug

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Odysseus had osteo in the femoral head in his left hip. There was never any swelling. He had limping and extreme pain. His top hip bone began to deform, disintegrate, and shift greatly before I finally got a referral to an orthopedic surgeon (almost 2 months from the first sign of weakness and a limp). Fortunately, because of the location, they were able to remove his hip and leg on that side. He was so relieved to have the pain gone!

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