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A Friendly Hallo....

Guest Ilse

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...from Munich :colgate


First I will say, sorry for my english, I will try my best.


My name is Ilse and I found this forum today. In Germany whe have no extra forum for Greyhound, so I was lucky to find you.


I am living in Munich and we have a lovely Greygirl named Selecta Saturn (Data) we call her Lilifee.


Bevore, we had my very beloved boy Nagano (General Tide) who sadly had leaving us in Dec :(


I would like to post pictures here, but it does`nt works with Insert Image, maybe someone could give me a tip at PN ?


So, now I will read, and read all your interesting postings.


Greetings Ilse



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Guest hamiesmom

Guten Tag von Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Ich war in Mindelheim geboren in 1946 und ich binn in Canada fur a lange zeit. Mein German is nicht so gut also, meine Mutti is von Schwabmunchen.


My sweet boy is 9yrs old and his name is "Hamilton" aka "Hamie". So sorry on the loss of your boy "Nagano" but am happy to hear that you have sweet Lilifee. You will learn a lot of things on this website. The people are very friendly and very helpful.


Your english is very good, better than my german.






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Guest bowiebears

Herzlich wilkommen!


I LOVE Munich! I have a very dear friend who lives there, and had visited many times when I lived in Italy. I have not been back for 20 years, but hope to change that soon.


How nice to hear of your lovely Lilifee. My condolences on the passing of your dear Nagano. I'm sure he will await you at The Rainbow Bridge.


All the best from Maryland suburbs of Washington DC!


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Welcome! I looked at Lilifee's pictures on Greyhound-Data! Beautiful! I love her speckles! Nagano was very handsome, too! This is a great website; you will be very glad you found it.

...sharing the journey with my best friend, Kevin, and our four greyhounds:
Littermates Sweetie* & Spicy (Possible Betsy, Possible Edna),

Moody* (Jr's Moody Man), and Dragon (Kiowa Dragonfire)

*Gone to wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge

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welcome from southern california!

Steve, owner/photographer Crackerdog Photography, writer of ShutterHounds. Follow me on Instagram.
Alex (Sanja Black Eyes [1989-2003] - Sanja Superfrank x TH's Fandango), Nikki (Ein's Ardonis [1995-2008] - Farmer Wilson x Legs Polly),
Sadie (Carla Tar [2002-2014] - Coldwater Guv x Canatar), Katie (Leading Home [2003-2013] - Iruska Excalibur x Impress Me Much),

Bean ([2013-] - DJays Octane x O Ya Cranberry), and Billy Bob (O Ya Billy Bob [2011-2020] Dodgem By Design x O Ya Cranberry)

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Thank you so much for your friendly answers.


Ihad forgotten that you can look pictures in the Data , so her the links.






Hello Anne, Marion Schwabmünchen is not so far ,Isaak you are everytime welcome her if you are visiting Germany,Lisa,Mr. Alex southern california ?, I had the pleasure 2000 to live 5 month in Palo Alto and learnd loving S F,Dorian G. when you get the chance com her.


Greetings Ilse

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Guest greybookends

Welcome. I lived in Germany for 3 years back in the 80s. As a matter of fact it is where I graduated and met and married my husband. It is a lovely country with friendly people and I would love to visit again someday.



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Now try again to answer, I think somthing is goin wrong because I can`nt find it ander your answers ?


Thank you so much for welcome greetings, Anne, yes I have photobucket, but I had forgotten you can see my pictures in the Data.

Therefor, if someone is interesting her the links :






Marion how nice, Schwabmünchen is not far from me, and your German is super. And I am born 1947 !!


Isaak , how nice,if you are coming to Munich, you are welcome and please tell me. Lisa, many thanks, what a lovely picture .

Mr Alex, southern california ? I had the luck to live 5 month in Palo Alto 2000 and learnd to love SF ! Dorian you must just make the trip. Greyhound friends are waiting .


Hello Greybookens, Linn and Lauri




Greetings to all Ilse


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Herzlich Willkommen bei GREYTALK, Ilse...Welcome!

I'm very glad to see you here. There are many very nice people on this Board, and I hope you'll enjoy the time



Hugs to your beautiful Lilifee and Fini!


user posted imageuser posted image

Marion, Ivy & Soldi


Perseverance is not a long race...

it is many short races one after another.

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Thank you so much for the friendy welcome.


It is very interesting to read all your tips and postings.


I love to show pics , be careful to ask for them :lol . Here they come


One wall on our patio




Lilifee running with a Whippet friend in the park, where we walk every day twice




Lilifee and her rabbit :lol




Lilifee playing with her critter




Playing with our Galga Fini




So, I think that is enough, bevore you are angry with me.


Greetings Ilse

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Guest TaniandMalachy

:wave Hi from England, Ilse.

I often visit friends who live in Memmingen, Bavaria. I love it there...such a beautiful country.


Your dogs are adorable. Both Lillifee and Nagano share some of the same Irish breeding as my boy Malachy :)

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Hello from Münster!!


I'm American, but my husband is German, and we have been living in Münster for over a year now! Ich kann ein bißchen Deutsch sprechen, und weniger schreiben! Aber ich lerne!


Our greyhound Spiff is on Urlaub with my in-laws in Munich (Martinsreid)! He will come home to Münster next weekend.


Welcome to Greytalk! :)

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Hi Tani, :wave


how nice, Memmingen not so far from Munich.


And yes your nice boy has some same relatives as Lilifee und Nagano had.


And same to you, please inform me if visiting Memmingen, maybe we can see us :colgate

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:blush Oh sorry I just see it now.


Hello to Münster how funny. Martinsried its so near to us.


Is in this super forum possibel to write a personally mail ????????? So I could give you my phone number and you give me yours and we can talk on phon, it doen`t cost me nothing.


Your german is better than my english .


Where is Spiff from ? and did you take him from USA ?

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