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After Tumors Are Removed

Guest SusanP

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Just wondering since Zippy had a cancerous tumor removed Monday---and I know there are all different kinds of tumors with different prognoses, but I'm still wondering:


Those of you whose hounds have had malignant tumors removed, did the cancer eventually recur? Was it soon after or years later or not at all?



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My first greyhound had a tumor removed from her belly, it never came back. Has your vet told you this tumor is malignant?

My husband had a huge melanoma removed from his back, 5 came back in its place.

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Jim had a malignant tumour removed from his toe - it was a basal cell carcinoma. The vet wanted to take off his toe, but I asked him to spare it if he could, obviously without compromising his future ... anyway, he didn't remove the toe, just the tumour, and it never recurred. I guess it was about 9 years between that being done and his death. He also had several skin tumours removed, one of which grew frighteningly quickly. By that time he was fairly old and I elected not to send them for analysis because it wouldn't have changed the treatment protocol. The really fast-growing one never recurred, and we never had any more like it - and when we lost him, it was heart failure.


Jack has had several benign tumours removed from his peri-anal area - those were done just before we got him at nearly ten years old. They're now starting to regrow, but since we do know what they're likely to be, the vet doesn't want to risk anaesthesia unless they either grow really fast (which they're not) or they become a nuisance. He's twelve years old now.




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Guest DundeeToddsMom

Panama Todd had chondrosarcoma it was on his rear leg. MSU amputated his rear leg on 9-11-01 and Toddy is still going strong with no reoccurances. He was my foster at the time - needless to say I couldn't let him go after that - we became too attached.

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Foxy is 3 year post removal and still doing very well.

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Guest tampagreymom

My Jade had a malignant tumor called hemangiopericytoma removed from her front right shoulder. It does not metastisize but can recur in the same area. It has only been since March but so far nothing has come back. The vet did get clean margins which is a very good thing. My best wishes to your Zippy.

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My heart girl Molly had a nerve sheath tumor removed which came back one year later. We had it removed again. It was a few months after the second surgery when we lost her. :candle

Edited to add, Molly was almost 13 when we had to let her go.

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A friend's greyhound had a small tumor removed from his leg at the age of 6. Unfortunately, 50 or 60 more tumors popped up all over his body within weeks of that surgery. :eek Turned out he had lymphoma and it had already metastasized with a vengeance. By the time he passed, you couldn't pet him anywhere on his body without touching a tumor. :(


Hopefully in your pup's case, now that its gone, that's that. :goodluck

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Pilgrim had a nerve sheath sarcoma removed from her back last November. It was a teeny tiny (1/2 pea sized) lump, but she ended up with a 9" scar and the loss of the tips of 2 vertebrae. We went a radical surgery route.


We are crossing our fingers that it does not come back, although there is an 80% chance that it will, because the location (almost on the spine) is not amenable to radiation.


Good thoughts for your pupper,


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Guest GoofyGreys

We had a hound with a tumor called adenosarcoma. His initial diagnosis came in June 2002 and was treated successfully. We were told then that the cancer was likely to return, and each time it does, it's worse than before. It did just that in November 2005, and he lived 3 weeks post diagnosis. The treatment options were not optimistic at all, as they had been the first time around.

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We had a nerve sheath tumor removed from the top of chloe's head. That was 4 years ago and no sign of it returning. The vets were all a little surprised as it can be hard to get all of it and they often return.

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