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Akc Canine Health Foundation

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I received an e-mail from a akc club i used to belong to. Thought they might be of interest to others here as they are all breed studies.


I have no other information just what is in this post.



AKC Canine Health Foundation Alert


AKC Call for Participation [August 29, 2007] -- See complete article.

Studying heart function in dogs with lymphoma -- All Breeds

A new Veterinary Teaching Hospital study is being conducted to determine whether doxorubicin, one of the primary

drugs used in treating lymphoma in dogs, may weaken the canine heart.


Please e-mail julie_osborne@ncsu.edu for more information.




Recruitment of Epileptic Dogs for Seizure Drug Study Continues -- All Breeds

The clinical trial demonstrating the possible effectiveness of the pharmaceutical drug Keppra as an additional therapy

in the treatment of canine epilepsy aims to recruit 10-15 more dogs to complete this important study in canine epilepsy.

Dr. Karen Munana, principal investigator of the study notes that initial results demonstrate that this drug may be

effective controlling seizures in some dogs with epilepsy. By adding 10-15 more dogs to this study base, statistical

summaries will provide additional information to firm up this claim. The study is multi-institutional study, with veterinary

neurologists from North Carolina State University, the University of Tennessee, and Virginia-Maryland College of

Veterinary Medicine participating.


If additional information is needed for interested referring veterinarians and/or owners please contact study research

technician, julie_osborne@ncsu.edu, or fax inquiries to 919-513-6830. More information regarding this study can also

be found here.




Dogs with Oral Melanoma -- All Breeds

Dogs with oral melanoma are being recruited for a study of a novel vaccine developed by Merial Limited, an animal

pharmaceutical company, to determine if this vaccine can help to prolong the survival time in dogs with oral melanoma.

Dogs enrolled in the study will receive the melanoma vaccine and associated exams and labwork and radiographs

which will be subsidized by the study.


For more information on this study email: paul_hess@ncsu.edu or julie_osborne@ncsu.edu or call 919-513-6812.



Nancy and

Grace - Andicot 2/1/07

Solo - Flying Han Solo 3/20/11

Missing: Murphy, Shine, Kim, Sprite, Red Dog, Lottie & Harry

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