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Just Plain Itchy

Guest michaela1123

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Guest michaela1123

Granted, I had to do a bit of bathing because of the fleas and the hornet sting...but I did get a sensitive skin shampoo. She's just plain itchy. There's no fleas, or anything. Now I'm wondering if it's a skin issue or if she's having some allergies, food has not changed.


In the last few days we had the wood floor refinished, but she's been 'itchy' for about 2 weeks.


Thoughts, ideas? Maybe it's something in the air? I've certainly had allergies, and actually developed sinusitis from my allergies. Anyway, I'm giving her benadryl to help with the itchy, I hope that's a reasonable solution...

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Fresh Factors are great for healing from the inside out. You can order them from Springtime, Inc.


You could also spray on some Neem and Coconut Oil mixed together and massage that in. Does very well for calming chronic irritation - which can be brought on by what you are describing.


Benadryl is good short-term.

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