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Carafate Schedule, On Empty Stomach

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I've been instructed to start Chancy on Sucralfate (Carafate) to protect her stomach from the battery of other meds she's getting. It's a challenging one to administer, as it must be given in the middle of a four-hour window of no eating, three times daily. The problem is compounded by the fact I need to be offering Chancy food as often as possible, as her appetite is low and she needs to be eating. So she has three windows of time when she can eat: 1am to 5am (sleep!), 9am to 1pm (work!), and 5pm to 9pm (this one is easiest). Between each of those windows, the sucralfate must be given.


I'm not sure how long I can keep this schedule up and still keep my job and get any decent sleep.


Is sucralfate always given thrice daily? I'll be asking my vet when I check in today, but wondered if anyone else here were prescribed twice daily instead...

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Check with your vet. I don't remember giving it on that empty of a stomach, or really on an empty stomach at all. Only used it the once, though.


ETA: Ask Burpdog, too. Believe she's used that med a fair bit.


ETA some more: The online product info says 1 hour before or two hours after meals. You have to be careful of it interacting with other meds as well.

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I'm a pro at this one with Misty's IBD.


1/2 hr before or 1 hr after a meal. it has to coat the lesions in the GI tract in order to work. 1hr after any kind of antacid like Pepcid, etc.


for active disease (in humans) it's one gram three times a day, for maintenance of healed disease in humans it's one gram twice daily. For my little hound it's 500 mg three times daily when she bleeds and we're trying a preventative/maintenance dose of 1/2 tab daily.

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Magic's was prescribed 3 times a day and other meds had to be 2 hours later or before. Then we started SAM-e, which had to be given completely separate from other meds and on an empty stomach. I never did manage that schedule.

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Guest MorganKonaAlex

We were giving it twice a day. It had to be one hour before food/meds or 2 hours after. You definitely don't want to mix with meds because it will inhibit the absorption.

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