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Boy Or Girl ?

Guest das1075

Boy or Girl  

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  1. 1. Do you have a preference for male or female greyhounds?

    • Boy
    • Girl
    • Doesn't matter! They're all GREYT!

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Guest das1075

Hi everyone. This is a little piece of trivia I'm interested in having an answer to.


I read that female greyhounds are more desired, but the males can make better pets because the don't show the herding or dominate traits the female can display.


Now, I know every dog is different, I was just curious if there's any truth to this generalization.


Other opinions would be greatly appreciated. I haven't adopted yet, and I'm just trying to gather info!

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Guest Moebaaviva

1 female here, but I have to tell you the only reason we went for a female over a male is that in our house it was me, DH, and our two MALE cats. I just needed another female to commiserate with! Now Bella and I both shake our heads at the silly things the boys do. ;)

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We have two grey girlies here. They have very different personalities, so I don't believe in generalizations based on gender. Celeste is sooooo laid back. Darcy is more energetic and a bit of a goofball.

Laura with Celeste (ICU Celeste) and Galgos Beatrix and Encarna
The Horse - Gracie (MD Grace E)
Bridge Angels Faye Oops (Santa Fe Oops), Bonny (
Bonny Drive), Darcy (D's Zipperfoot)



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We are bringing home our first girl soon. We didn't have a preference, and at first thought we would be getting a male, but we ended up going to meet her-- she snuggled right up and we fell in love. :wub:

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Guest PiagetsMom

1 female grey here......and Lucy, who found us. Actually, all of my dogs have been females, but I think part of that is b/c I live with DH and 2 DS and I've always felt I needed another female in the house to commiserate with me ;)

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Guest Snowy8

3 girls, Snowy, Pipi-Francine & Gabby

5 boys, Jack, BuyCut, Banker, Dear, & Gogh

The boys are to me, more loving...more attentive. The girls are more reserved, especially Snowy. She wants to be left alone.

Gabby loves to cuddle & sleep with me, but Gogh will race everyone to the bed at night & stay on the bed all night long where as BuyCut likes to start out on the bed with me, but he's gone sometime during the night.

Jack guards my bed on the floor...he sleeps on a very overstuffed comforter right against the bed.

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Guest FrostyBottoms

We have 1 of each. My boy loves people, always wants to be pet by anyone. My girl is cautious and doesn't want strangers petting her.

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When I adopted my first, I did ask for a girl, mainly for the somewhat smaller size (our group seems to get huge males). Although all three of mine are girls, I really don't have a preference anymore (numbers 2 and 3 were "failed" fosters).

Marc and Myun plus Starbuck (the cat)
Pinky my AWOL girl, wherever you are, I miss you.
Angels Honey (6/30/99-11/3/11) Nadia (5/11/99-6/4/12) Kara (6/5/99-7/17/12) Cleo (4/13/2000-4/19/2014)

Antnee (12/1/2002=2/20/17)

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When I first started looking, I thought a girl would be best, since Chase (the cat) is very much alpha male and I figured he'd give a boy dog hell.


I did reconsider when Chase loved loved LOVED one of my boy fosters. They hung out together and were best buds. Unfortunately, they came up with a game....annoy the girl kitten. She was pretty unhappy with the Boys' Club, so that foster didn't stay, but I did keep a mind open to the possibility of a boy that made *both* kitties happy.


But Dazzle (girl) came along. Anybody who thinks all the females are more standoffish needs to meet Dazzle. She'd make friends with a rock if she could. (OK, she's uber-sweet, but lacking a bit in the smarts department, I admit that.)


I wound up getting a second girl because any males I fostered kept trying to dominate Dazzle, and she expressed her unhappiness with that by chewing up the furniture. *sigh* So I stuck to fostering females, and she was much happier with that.


She and Summer get along because neither one of them cares much about being boss all the time. Sometimes Dazzle is, sometimes Summer is, sometimes neither one of them is.

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Guest SusanP

I do confess a preference for the boys, in general--seems to me they tend to be less persnickity. That said, I have had 2 girls I love with all my heart. And I *have* met laid=back girls and persnickity boys. What it really comes down to in the end is the individual dog.

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i have one of each, but it's coincidence. i chose them for their personality & compatibility, not their gender. (unlike my wives :) )


Wayne Kroncke

Vegetarians: My food poops on your food.

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