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Guest mummytogreys

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Guest mummytogreys

Clyde left for the bridge last night, he had been off for a few days just not being himself but seemed to pick up yesterday morning, he had had a small bleed on the brain caused by a stroke back in march but did not seem to be to affected by it, his front leg has been paralized but he got around ok, his hearing had more or less gone and he was almost blind, despite all these things he has a a very good quality of life and has been a very happy chap.


last night around 10.30 he collapsed and was unable to get back up, his eyes seemed to glaze over and we made him comfortable on the rug, we gave him a little while just to get himself together i checked his gum colour and it was pink but half an hour later it was almost white i phoned the vet who was with us inside 20 minutes and he helped him on his way, the vets diagnosis was almost definitly heart faliure and reasured us we were doing the right thing by letting him go peacefully at home with me holding him in my arms.


today there is an emptiness in home, my Clyde is gone, we found each other almost 11 years ago at a rescue group called death row dogs, he and his buddy Bonnie had been found together and had to be rehomed together, on the 29th of this month it will be 5 years since Bonnie passed away while out on a walk, Clyde has no tattoo so his exact age is unknown but was estimated to be 13-14,


i,ve lost my friend and companion of 11 years, how will i get over this,


i dont know what else to say........... :weep



some favourite photos to share with you......













he was one in a million, he loved everyone and everything and touched some many peoples hearts and will be so missed

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I am so sorry for the loss of your lovely Clyde. Your story of adopting him and Bonnie together made my heart sing while it broke.

Missing my sweet girl Scout. My snuggler, my chow-hound, my kissy girl.
It never thunders at the Bridge, and your food bowl is ALWAYS filled.

So strange not living in Atty World. I was a love struck handmaiden to your every whim.

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Guest argolola

That last pic of him sure tears at my heartstrings. May God bless you and your family.


I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious angel.

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Guest WarmheartedPups

Oh my.....I am sooo sorry. The pictures of Clyde brought tears to my eyes....He is so beautiful


I am so very sorry for your loss. :f_red

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Guest bowiebears

I am so sorry to hear of Clyde's going to The Bridge.

Even when we know it is the best thing, the hole our furkids leave can be so large and empty-seeming.


But they are filled with a love that is so pure and simple and extraordinary.


I grieve with you and offer my deepest sympathy, good thoughts & prayers.


One day we will all play together again at The Bridge.



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Guest jeannejj

I am so sorry for your loss of Clyde. It's so hard to say goodbye to a beloved friend. May your memories bring you peace and comfort.




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