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Bodie Is Holding His Own

Guest Bodie

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It was so busy this weekend, with my daughter headed back to college, that I'm afraid Bodie was left somewhat to his own devices, but he managed to hold his own. He does seem a bit depressed, which has me concerned. He no longer comes over for treats or dinner unless I call him and make him come. He is becoming scared of the food bowl, because something hurts when he eats, although I am convinced the problem is not in his throat as he will eat out of my hand without any problems. I think the act of stretching and gulping is irritating and pulling the stitches. The stitches are to come out tomorrow, hopefully. Most of the seeping has dried up except for the area he opened when he was at the vet's on Friday. It turned out, when he injured himself, he re-opened where the drain had been and now it's draining again. But all the other areas that were draining have stopped. His skin cultures should come back on Tuesday and that will tell us whether he can go to OSU and begin chemo.


With the busy weekend, we didn't have much time for pictures. I decided I didn't want to put him through the difficulty of changing shirts just to take pictures. So we only have pictures of one outfit - his t-shirt with suspenders and a tie. These were taken while he was having a sunbath on Saturday - in close to 100 degrees! Hopefully, we will have time to take more pictures when he is wearing his rugby shirt.


Wish us luck that the stitches can come out tomorrow - they must feel awful by now as he has had the staples in for close to 3 weeks!





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Bodie took my breath away. He is stunning. Here is hoping all goes well for him so he can start his chemo.



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oh just look at that precious boy :wub:


maybe ask the vet if there is something to rub into his wound once the stitches come out to help it be a bit more elastic...



Michelle...forever missing her girls, Holly 5/22/99-9/13/10 and Bailey 8/1/93-7/11/05

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Guest greytexplorer

awwwwwwwww bless his lil heart.....


hey doc! PUH-LEASE take out them stitches!!!


good wishes from Albalama, as Mandy sez....... :kiss2

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Guest PiagetsMom

Thanks so much for the pictures! :wub: Hoping those darn stitches are able to come out and Bodie gets the green light to move forward with his treatments :goodluck

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I hope getting rid of the stitches makes eating more comfortable for Bodie. He's a handsome guy.

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Awwww...such a sweetheart. LaceyLaine is drooling and kissing his picture. :wub:


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Guest LolasMom

Awww such a precious boy. And so handsome in his strapping new outfit. :wub:


:hope that his stitches come out tomorrow and it makes eating easier and that you can proceed with his treatments.


Thank you for the wonderful photos.

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Awwwww... what a darlin' boy. :wub:

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What a sweet boy. :wub:

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Guest greytmonty

Bodie looks so handsome and dignified in his fancy shirt! I hope he gets some relief when the stitches come out so he can enjoy his food again! good luck with the chemo decision. are the girls all settled at school?


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