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Aidan At Critical Care Again

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Please keep Jenny's (sweetgsmom) Aidan in your thoughts......Aidan had 2 more grand mal seizures early this morning and Jenny and her DH rushed her to Critical Care where she's staying for today. These are the 3rd and 4th grand mal seizures Aidan has had in the last few months. :( Aidan has already been on phenobarbital and heart meds (for arrhythmia caused by the prior seizures) since she first started having the seizures. The vet wants Aidan to see a neurologist since the pheno is not helping the way they had hoped it would.


She's only 3 years old, so this has been really hard on Jenny and her DH.

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Sending prayers for Aidan. :hope:grouphug


Has she been tested for TBD's? My Molly had seizures before she was diagnosed with ehrlichia. She never had another seizure after treatment.

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I'm so sorry to hear about Aidan. Seizures can be terrifying and it a helpless feeling watching your pup have a grand mal seizure.


A consult with a neurologist may be a very good idea. They really are the experts at managing seizures. The web site www.acvim.org is an easy way for Aidan's family to find a neurologist in their area. There are also some really helpful web sites about canine epilepsy. These are the sites that have helped me most in managing Piper's seizures:




Sending prayers and good thoughts to Aidan and her worried family.



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Prayers for Aidan. Phenobarbitol alone didn't do it for Saint either. We had to add Potassium Bromide. Once that took affect he's had no more seizures. It will be 3 years in October. Hope they can find the right combo for Aidan.

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Sending my many prayers. I know how hard it is...we just went through this with Cody Angelo. :grouphug


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Oh no.... :( So very sorry to hear this news. Aiden is probably down in that Irvine vet center where the neurologist is. Prayers that an answer can be found for her. :hope:candle

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Our Lucy was on keppra for her seizures. Phenobarb and K Bromide seemed to help at first and then more frequent seizures would come. We kept increasing the amount of Keppra and unfortunately that only helped short term. She would have 5 or 6 seizures in one day and then be OK for about a month. She also started at around 3 years old. We also saw a neurologist and they did help us a lot but after a couple of years the seizures just got to be too many and too frequent and we had to send her to the bridge.


I wish you lots of luck with Aidan. It is a terrible thing to see your pup go through these seizures.

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I hope the vets are able to find the right medication for Aidan. Sending healing thoughts and prayers. :grouphug

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