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Who Is Not Wanting To Eat

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This is the scenario.

Who didn't eat for almost 2 days. This is unusual for him. He seemed to be a little dehydrated as well even tho he did drink some water. Last night I cooked some ground turkey and egg for him, and he did eat it. Today he wouldn't eat so rather than wait for an emergency I took him to the vet. We are at our home in West Virginia for the month and he has an acre to run in. Thought maybe he got into something in the undergrowth or sustained a bite from something.


Vet did a physical and did a fecal and found hair in his poop. Did not find much else. It is mucousy. sp? He also did blood test. Temp is normal. Blood test shows some dehydration and elevated kidney levels. Other finding was a slightly enlarged prostate. Who is 10 years old. Vet wormed him with Drontal because he suspects whipworm as the Heartguard that I use does not protect against them. Now Who is resting; still doesn't want to eat. He is drinking water. He also ate the Drontal in a treat that the vet gave him. Should I be worried; well, I am a little. Suggestions please.

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Kidneys are probably normal for a grey.


What kind of hair in the poop? Possible bunny or other rodent he may have eaten?


I have mixed emotions about the eating since you don't know what is wrong with him. Are his teeth ok?


I might feed him meat if he wants it and check on his poops. Are they good ones? I'd do an xray (assuming he is ok between now and then) on Monday if he is still off.

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What food did he refuse today? Was it turkey and egg or kibble? If he's eating soft but not hard, it might be his teeth. The hair could mean an "unauthorized snack" - always a risk for parasites. But, it's hard to tell (I have one who sometimes refuses food, but she's a bit of a brat sometimes :) ). BTW, the topic had me thinking "I don't know, who?"

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