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Omega 3 For Arthritis

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I have been giving 2000mg/day for arthritis. i recently read here that this is the dosage for coat--and a higher dose is needed for arthritis. I have increased to 4000mg a day and she is so much more playful!! I have even decreased her metacam. missy also gets arthrisoothe gold by naturvet, vitamin e, fresh factors as well as metacam. accupuncture when needed. She weighs about 75lbs. I thought i read 1000mg/10 pounds? Is that correct? should I split the dose up into 2 or 3 times a day. I do 2 now (breakfast and dinner). Thanks.

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Guest CyndiW

I remember reading 1000mg/10lb for cancer but that was always way too much for mine. Their stool would get too runny and then I would worry about abdominal discomfort. For arthritis, mine all get 2000mg per day but if it sounds like 4000mg for your grey is working well. I would think the most that they can handle and not have diarrhea would be good. I will be interested if anyone does know of the correct dosage for arthritis.

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My grey gets 4000 mg per day as his regular dose. I've read that 1000 mg/30 lbs is the "regular" dose, while you can go up to 1000 mg/10 lbs for a "therapeutic" dose.


If you go with a higher dose, increase it slowly because it's an oil and can cause loose stools in some dogs. I would increase by 1000 mg every 3-7 days until you reach the dose you want.

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There really isn't a "defined dose" of fatty acids to treat arthritis (at least not a scientifically proven one). There is more information showing that 180mg of EPA per 10 lbs. of body weight is the ideal dose for allergies. It generally takes a higher dose than that to manage arthritis. Remember that when you are giving 1000mg capsules they are NOT 1000mg of EPA!!! Look on the package and 99% of the 1000mg capsules will have around 180mg of EPA. So for allergies you need to give 1 capsule per 10lbs. of body weight daily (8 capsules daily to an 80 lbs. dog isn't very practical... plus all the extra oil is more likely to result in GI upset). If you can find high potency capsules then it significantly reduces the number of capsules needed to reach your dose of EPA. If you just want a nice coat... any supplementation may help.


If you are really wanting to help arthritis with fatty acids, the most ideal way to do this is with a prescription diet as they have actually shown that the levels and combinations they use are effective in managing arthritis. Most of the OTC joint diets do not contain high levels of fatty acids... they are termed joint diets b/c they contain glucosamine (what they don't tell you is at most they contain 1/3 of the therapeutic levels). :( The prescription diets also have low levels of glucosamine but the reason they work is due to the fatty acid content.





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