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Gracie's Yearly Checkup Soon

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Gracie will see the vet this week for her yearly checkup.


She is in good health except for weight gain. I think I noticed about 2 months ago that she was getting pudgy.


My DH is the worst about giving little bits of table food and too many cookies and too many Pupperoni sticks.


After this weekend's M&G I told him some of our group members had commented on her weight - not in a rude way - so it wasn't just me.


DH has agreed to no longer purchase Pupperonis or Beggin Strips. :rolleyes: He has agreed to cookie rationing.

For the past 6 months Gracie has been getting 1 1/4 cups of Iams Senior Weight management per meal with one teapsoon of Beneful wet dogfood stirred in. Our main kennel steered us to that particular Iams. We fed it to all the dogs and all have good firm poop. I would prefer not to change brands. She has not been begging for extra (junk) food - DH just was giving it out.


I have not posted this in the Food forum because I'd like to know if there are any extra blood tests I should ask for. All she's scheduled to get is a heartworm test along with her vaccinations.


I guess a thyroid test could be done but other than the weight gain she shows no odd symptoms.


I could attribute it to the hot summer but we've had hot summers in previous years and she didn't gain weight. I'd say her activity and exercise amounts are the same as previous summers. The other dogs have not gained weight like Gracie has.


Today was Day 1 of treat rationing and she doesn't seem bothered by it in the least. If Gracie gains more weight I'll be able to claim that she's a yellow lab. :blink: I know the negatives of too much weight being a detriment to her health as she ages.


Unless this is truly a too-many-cookies situation, could anything medical be going wrong here?


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I have a comprehensive blood panel and urinalysis done annually up to the age of seven, and every 6 months from seven on. In addition they have a stool sample tested.


Is there a medical reason for the senior food? Senior food generally doesn't have enough protein or fat. I totally agree with ditching the Pupperonis and Beggin Strips. I would prefer to spend the money on a good diet and not on "junk food". :)

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