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Lumbosacral Stenosis


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I have been reading the posts here about LS and read Dr. Stack's informatoin. But I have a few more questions about LS.


My 12 yr 11 month girl has been showing the beginning of weakness in her hind legs as described in Stack's information. I can tell she is sensitive to touch when brushing and scratching the top of her hind end.


My questions is should I be going to the vet to inquire about the Depo Medrol injections yet or is that used when the case gets severe?


She does take glucousamine supplements but I wonder if that even touches the affects of LS?


I realize she is getting up in age but she is otherwise living life with gusto.....I don't want her to be in any pain. From what I read here other anti imflammatories may not touch the pain of LS or I would try those first, I suppose??


How long can they get Depo Medrol injections? My cat used to get Depo injections (if it is the same) for allergies and the effects lasted several months and the vet warned that it is not something that can be given often. If we start her (the grey) on Depo Injections what can we expect in terms of length of effectiveness.




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I'd definitely consult your vet. A friend of mine has a hound with LS. The injections did help, but I think the effectiveness diminishes over time. This article might give you some extra info: http://www.grassmere-animal-hospital.com/cauda_equina.htm



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Guest crazy4greys
The earlier you start the injections the better.


Agree :nod Also get x-rays. That way you can determine any narrowing of the disc spaces. Chiropractic and acupuncture are also beneficial if you have anything in your area.

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Thanks for the info....I have a call into a new vet with a ton of grey experience recco by one of our local grey rescues.


Hope was very frisky today, the weather is much cooler and we walked more than we have been. Later, when it was time to get up to eat she really had a hard time getting up :( Hopefully we can get an appointment real soon.

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