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Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Guest crazy4greys

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Guest crazy4greys

Autumn has been having trouble with her left hip, and back. She has been going to get chiropractic & acupuncture treatments since January. She is currently on Previcox, Traumeel & Tramadol(9 pills a day). Recently her limping has gotten worse, so I have been taking her to River Meadow Farm where she gets water therapy, massage and walking on the underwater treadmill. On Sunday she stopped eating, but now has been eating off & on again.


Both vets suggested getting her tested for Lyme Disease, so I took her to my regular vet, but instead of Lyme Disease, her titer came back positive for RMSF with a low titer of 1:25. She started Doxy tonight.


Has anyone else have experience with this disease?

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RMSF causes acute life threatening disease... it is not a TBD that lingers and causes chronic disease like some of the others can.


Dogs get RMSF get sick and pass away or they get treated and live. Dogs with RMSF show DRAMATIC improvement in just a few days to treatment (normally Doxy or a fluroquinolone).


Most dogs with RMSF will have a low platelet count. Was one checked? What lab was used for the test?


I don't actually see much RMSF at my practice so if your vet is not used to seeing it, it may be worth contacting the lab where the test was run to consult on the case. If the test was run at NC State then the TBD specialists can help you determine if the elevation is "significant".





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