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Bodie Had A Serious Setback Today

Guest Bodie

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I explained my fears about Bodie in the post Bodie's Long Trip Home posted earlier today. I went to work and left Bodie in the care of my adult daughters. They called me at 2:30 p.m. and told me they saw that Bodie was bleeding heavily from his incision. I called my vet and they said to bring him right in. I thought perhaps he had pulled open a staple, but it is much worse than that. The skin next to a large section of his incision is dying. It has turned black and brittle. Another part of his incision is swelling and has turned bright red and is inflammed. All of this happened since I left this morning and while he was lying in his crate.


My vet called OSU and spoke with the surgeon, Dr. Hilldreth. As my vet expected and Dr. Hilldreth confirmed, the two inch wide, approximately four inch long swath of dead skin will have to be removed and a sliding skin graft performed to move skin over and take it's place. He is already on antibiotics and it is hoped that will contain the inflammation.


All of this happened so suddenly, I am devestated. If this skin graft doesn't take hold, I don't know what we'll do. He was to start chemotherapy on Monday, but now that is not possible. I called Dr. McMahon, his oncologist, and this will set back his chemotherapy about a week. She tells me he will recover from this setback, but I'm an emotional mess. What else can go wrong?


Please keep Bodie in your prayers. He has been through so much with his staph infection, then sudden diagnosis of cancer, now this. He needs all the prayers, white lights, good thoughts...any outside help he can get.


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Oh Brodie sweetheart :grouphug and to your family.



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I am so sorry. Sending many prayers and white light and of course gentle hugs. :grouphug


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I'm sorry to hear this. If you are on Circle of Grey, this happened to another grey named Moe about a month ago I think. His owner's name is Cheryl, and if I remember he had to have surgery post amputation too. Now he's fine and getting chemo. Maybe you can pm her and ask questions.


:grouphug:grouphug This must be so hard for you and Bodie. I'll be praying for Bodie. :hope:hope

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Guest PiagetsMom

Poor Bodie - you guys are having a tough time of it. As you said, hopefully the fact that he's already on anti-biotics will help him out with this. I send prayers for Bodie and :grouphug to you. Please let us know how everything goes!

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