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Surgery For Alex's Corn Cobs

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Awhh, good thoughts for your poor boy. Sounds like he's been through a lot in the last 6 months, as you have. Hopefully he is eating and home safe and sound very soon.


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Guest Winterwish
...It was good that they were able to get those 2 x-rays because they also showed the severity of his back pain. He just went through a month of Adequin shots for this but she also wants to try some pain meds for that. He bit me twice in the face a few months ago and my niece on the top of her head last month. Therefore, we knew he was having some pain issues and were working on that already but did not realize the severity of it until now...


Sending continued get well wishes to Alex and hugs to each of you. :dogcookie:bighug

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I sure hope he's good feeling better. You must be very relieved that there was no obstruction.

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Guest CyndiW

Update: Things have gone from bad to worse. He is now in intensive care in Cincinnati, OH. We usually take our dogs to Medvet in Columbus, OH but it is 3hours15min and this place was only about 1hour45min. We needed to get him somewhere fast and our vet suggested this place. His fever shot up to 106 today, his catheter leg swelled and all his other veins kept blowing, the incision started bleeding, he kept vomiting, and he started with runny, bloody diarrhea. They were able to stabilize his temp and off we went to get him somewhere that could better deal with what was going on. We just got home and called for an update. The vet said his platelets are low but not in danger of needing plasma or a transfusion at this time. Two liver values are elevated but he thinks it is from the trauma, the liver being handled during the surgery yesterday, and all of the bile back-u from this whole incident. His clotting times were longer than they should be but nothing serious. Overall, the vet was pleased with the lab work so he said now they can focus primarily on pain management, stopping the diarrhea, and getting the stomach to work. They let us go back to see him before we left. He was on morphine so his eyes were open but no one was home. The had just cleaned him up and moved him to a clean kennel and he was already lying in a pool of diarrhea. The vet said right now he just needs to lie there and try to heal. I am praying that he pulls through this. He is 11 and we have had him 9 years but I am definitely not ready to say good-bye. He is my velcro dog when I am home and always at the window watching me live and watching me come home.

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:hope Sending prayers for Alex. :hope

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Guest CyndiW

Alex is still hanging in there. No diarrhea since midnight and his temp is staying around 103. He is on an antibiotic for the diarrhea and temp just in case there is infection somewhere. The vet that is on duty this shift said he is anemic for a greyhound but that is probably just due to the surgery. They are going to recheck his platelets this afternoon and if they are still low or have gotten worse, they are going to give him plasma. He said that Alex is fairly knocked out from the narcotics but that he is able to get up and go outside when they need him to. He is a very anxious, high strung boy so keeping him sedated will probably be the only way he has a chance to try to heal and pull through this. It seems like when he was still at our vet literally hyperventilating (she said) that is when things really started to get bad. They also think he had a very bad reaction from the torb that was given at our vet's.

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Oh gosh.. I'm just reading this. I'm so sorry for you and poor Alex. :(



If there is ANY chance he could come home, I'd bring him, since you say he's a high strung boy and doesn't do well at the vet. He doesn't need the extra stress if he can possibly come home. I understand that the vet is a long way away though, so it might not be practical. Sending many prayers and good thoughts. :hope:goodluck:bighug


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