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Strange Behavior In His Mouth

Guest Temira

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Starting yesterday night, Chewie has been doing something strange. He is doing some strong chattering, licking his lips and hacking a bit. When I say strong chattering, I mean different than his "I'm happy you're petting me chatter." It has nothing to do with attention, and it's louder. He follows this by some lip licking and what looks like an attempt to cough. It's really hard to explain. He has spells of this and then stops. It's been going on all night. DBF is working from home today to watch him. I didn't feed him breakfast this morning, but he did get a treat. He walked fine, pooped, and peed this morning. I thought maybe he had something stuck in his teeth that he was trying to get out, so I brushed his teeth but it did nothing.


I have no idea what he's doing. He seems perfectly normal otherwise. Any ideas?

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He's drinking water and acting perfectly normal otherwise. I was leaning toward something stuck in his throat, but I don't know how to check. I didn't give him breakfast because he started the behavior again after I gave him a treat. I'll give him dinner.

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If this was my dog I would take him for a vet check up.

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Not trying to be alarmist, but your description sounds like the symtoms our dalmation had just before we lost him to bloat.


The main symptom was that he smacked his lips, like there was peanut butter on the roof of his mouth and then he would hack. By the time we realized it was serious and rushed him to the vet it was to late to save him.


Again, I'm not trying to scare you, this is probably nothing, but please check it out.



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I'd have a look in his mouth and see if you can see anything obvious. If he's behaving as if he's in distress - yep, take him to the vet.


Renie does this if she ever takes a tiny scab off herself while she's licking/nibbling herself and gets blood in her mouth. She really seems to hate the taste of her own blood, and she'll lie there, ears pinned back flat, lips drawn back, drooling and chattering so loud it's a wonder she hasn't cracked a tooth. :lol Sometimes she'll cough a little, but not usually.


For Renie this is a 'Help! I have a bad taste in my mouth!!!' thing - but I could see it happening if she got something stuck in her teeth/roof of mouth, or a sore spot in her mouth, too. When you check his mouth, also feel along the line of bone under his jaw and check the bone above the top jaw too. If there's a swelling anywhere, he could have a tooth abscess.


I hope it's nothing! :goodluck



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Look at the roof of his mouth. My boy, Kiaba has been battling some kind of infection for months and he does this when it gets worse. The roof of Kiaba's mouth is inflamed, red and has bumps. Similiar to stomatitis, but that's not what it is. And if this is the problem, please let me know what your vet says. Kiaba has gone through a bunch of meds and nothing makes it go away. Plus the side effects of some of the meds are not good.


Good Luck,




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