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What Is This?

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Logan has always had a big blackhead patch on his belly. At times he will get a big red spot, the vet has tested them and said they were nothing to be concerned about, the area was just irritated. So last night I noticed a big red bump, it didn't seem to bother him so I was just going to keep an eye on it. So I get home tonight and see this. ???????




The red bump was below this giant red area at the top of the blackhead patch. It looks as if it may have burst. You may notice another larger red bump to the right of the ruptured one.




So what is this?

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Looks like a hematoma to me too. Whats with the bumps? You dont say what the vet told you they are that you're not suppose to worry about. Just being nosey...

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The picture looks like a bruise/bleeding under the skin, to me. I'm sure you will get lots of responses.....mine is that if he were my dog I would take him to the vet. I don't like unknowns. :unsure

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Guest clousehounds

I agree--looks like a bruise, but I also agree that that kind of bruising is worth an investigation. A warm cloth and a little pressure can clean some of those blackheads up too (BLUSH)


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Guest JohnnyBell

I don't know but maybe it has something to do with those blackheads.Maybe a skin infection has set in.That big spot looks like a bruise to me though.My Sophie had blackheads and I could squeeze the dirt out of them(it was really gross) and clean the area, she still has a few but their almost all gone.

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If my vet told me not to worry about a skin condition like that, I'd be changing vets. JMHO, but I wouldn't want to leave that, especially since it's now doing something new.


My guess is that it's some kind of infection, either bacterial or fungal. If your vet isn't interested (and you want to stick with him) I'd ask for a referral to a skin specialist if I were you. ;)


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My boy has had a blackhead patch like that his whole life, with no other kind of redness, bruising, or rash. The redness looks like a bruise, but the way the redness comes toward the black heads makes me wonder. ? I'd be for a cool compress over the redness area, if its a bruis it will go away pretty quickly. He could be biteing at it,, itchiness,, maybe benadryl could help. If it lingers, i'd be to the vet..


on the blackheads,, I've tried everything,, and they always come back.. war towel, pressure, antibiotics, skin clensers... I just leave them alone,, at 13 1/2 yrs old, i figure they are just a part of my beautiful boy! :)


good luck, I hope it goes away soon!

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Guest greytexplorer

Is your vet grey-savvy?

If not, can you find one in your area who is?

Either that, or as silverfish said, get a skin specialist referral.


Your pup has got some kind of infection going on. I would be worried about acquiring a staph infection at this point.

That open red bump is worrisome. Did the other one burst, too?


You really should be at a vet's office.

PLEASE keep us posted, ok?

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The big flat red patch looks like a bruise/abrasion. My boys get them when they are acting like fools in the house (you know, basic greyhound stuff like jumping over the back of the couch or body slamming eachother in an attempt to get to mom/dad the fastest/first or falling off the couch cause they roached the wrong way :rolleyes).


The other three bumps look a little more serious. Probably they are just cystic pimples, but they can hurt and can get badly infected. My Stoney boy had those types of bumps on his butt when he came home to us. He had oral and topical antibiotics to get rid of them.

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