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Returning To Greytalk!

Guest Ritz

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Hi all,

I have been gone for some time but was in need of some advice and knew I could get it here so I am back!


My name is Alice and I am from Vancouver BC. I am owned by three gretyhounds! Amy, my 10 year old princess, Molly my 10 year old cancer surviving baby and Danny who has only been with us a few months but at 7 has won the hearts of all including Amy and Molly.


We were not looking for a third dog but he star seemed to aline and the path just seemed to lead us to Danny. He is Amy's half brother - same mother and boy can you tell they had some of the same influences on them at some point in thier lives! Aside from looking alike the have very similar eating habits and pottying habits - it is kind of weird but they are obviously realted!


I am looking forward to sharing in the greytalk community again.


Take care all



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